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MonoDevelop 2.4

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MonoDevelop 2.4

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The IDE for open source .NET, MonoDevelop, has released a major new version - 2.4.  It includes support for C#, C/C++, VB, Vala, and more.  MonoDevelop also supports ASP.NET projects and a fully configurable workbench.  The new version comes about six months after the previous version, 2.2.

MonoDevelop 2.4 features new pad organization features.  Pads such as Error List, Version Control logs, and Find in Files operations have auto-hiding features.  UI  and editing enhancements have also been implemented.  These include a darker background, in-line error bubbles, solution and class pad zooming, five levels of compactness for the GUI, and toolbars integrated into the docking system.  

MonoDevelop 2.4 supports the following deployments all in the same IDE:

  • Gtk# Visual Designer
  • MonoTouch
  • MonoMac
  • Silverlight

Some especially notable highlights of this release include the added support for WCF references, support for references that require authentication, and integrated T4 templating/macro processing.  New tools include a number of fresh code metrics and a new Hex editor.  Another welcome addition is the ASP.NET code completion for C# regions.

Hex Editor

There are also plenty of new features in the source editing and debugger of MonoDevelop 2.4.

Source Editing     
  • Improved in-line search
  • Group Mode in Code Completion
  • Symbol Usage Highlighting
  • Editing Support in Block Selection Mode
  • Import Type Command
  • Move Lines Up/Down
  • Code Focus Toggle and Follow-cursor
  • Quick Fix Command
  • Scrollable Region Tooltips
  • Improved Filtering in Completion List

  • Pinned Quick Watches
  • Debug Value Visualizers
  • Improved expression evaluation
  • New Exception Dialog

Improvements in other add-ins:
  • NUnit
  • Vala

Moving forward, Mono project lead Miguel de Icaza says that MonoDevelop will add Git support via GitSharp.  It will also get Android development (MonoDroid) support along with templates and support for MVC2.  

MonoDevelop is licensed under the LGPLv2 and MIT-X11 licenses.

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