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Exploring Mobile: The Best of the Best

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Exploring Mobile: The Best of the Best

Our best mobile articles will help your app be the best too, with tips for performance, testing, clean Swift code, and more.

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Not only are these some of the best articles to come out of our Mobile Zone this month, they'll help your app become the best in its class by helping you improve performance, clean up your code, write more effective tests, and more to make sure your app has a successful launch and keeps performing well over time. Get ready to be the best around!

5 Trending Mobile Articles on DZone

  1. Protocol Composition in Swift, by Marco Santarossa. Learn about two different approaches to achieve cleaner code through separate cohesive protocols in a Swift application.

  2. Top 5 Android Testing Frameworks With Code Examples, by Lingkai Shao. Find the best testing framework for your Android app with this analysis of five popular choices, complete with code examples.

  3. 4 Tips to Improve Mobile App Performance, by Amy Groden-Morrison. These tips will help you make sure your mobile app maintains its performance, even in areas with low or no connectivity, like rural areas or airplanes.

  4. Five Questions to Ask Yourself After Releasing a New App Version, by Hannah Levenson. Make sure your app is maintaining high performance, functionality, and great UX by checking these five points after each version release.

  5. This Week in Mobile: Avoiding Kotlin Pitfalls and Singletons in Swift, by James Sugrue. This week's news, tips, and tricks are all about getting around problems, like the pitfalls for new Kotlin developers, or Singletons in Swift.

Mobile News From Around the Web

Marcher Malware Poses Triple Threat to Android Users, John P. Mello Jr., November 7, 2017. Learn about the triple-pronged malware attack that's been targeting Android devices.

Using ARKit to Provide a Mobile Content Experience, Roman Taranov, November 2, 2017. AR apps and other content are set to propel ARKit into the spotlight with the advent of iOS 11.

The Battle of Biometric Security Coming in 2018, Kevin Tussy, November 3, 2017. Fingerprint scans and other biometric security options on phones may be replacing passwords in the near future.

Dive Deeper Into Mobile

  1. DZone's Guide to Mobile Application Development: a free ebook download on mobile development topics.

  2. Getting Started With Appium: DZone's latest Refcard on mobile app automation made awesome with the Appium testing tool.

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