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Monthly Writers' Recap: August 2017

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Monthly Writers' Recap: August 2017

In the month of August, we released two Guides, including one on a brand-new topic. Plus, we welcomed our DevOps Zone Leader, Jeffrey Lee. Read the recap below.

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What had two Guide launches, a new Zone Leader, and a Java v. Kotlin smackdown? August 2017, of course! Read on for our monthly recap. 

Top Contributors by Pageviews for August 2017

Rank Username Real Name Pageviews
1st macnux                                                                      Seco Max (MVB)                                                                 130,822
2nd johnjvester John Vester (ZL)                                                                     115,488
3rd arunpandeycdac Arun Pandey (MVB) 68,843
4th kinlane Kin Lane (MVB) 60,470
5th trisha.gee Trisha Gee (MVB) 51,194
6th adigaskell Adi Gaskell (MVB) 48,129
7th jean-paul.azar Jean-Paul Azar 48,039
8th caroljmcdonald Carol McDonald (MVB) 46,100
9th nfrankel Nicolas Frankel (MVB) 44,936
10th astringfellow Angela Stringfellow (MVB) 38,716

Top Contributors by Articles for August 2017 

Rank Username Real Name # of Articles
1st adigaskell                                                        Adi Gaskell (MVB)                                                                     28
2nd kinlane Kin Lane (MVB) 24
3rd ayende Oren Eini (MVB) 12
4th jean-paul.azar Jean-Paul Azar (MVB) 10
5th johnjvester John Vester (ZL) 9
6th bloggeraghu Raghuraman Kesavan (MVB) 9
7th shelby.blitz Shelby Blitz (MVB) 9
8th gunnarpeipman Gunnar Peipman (MVB) 9
9th macnux Seco Max (MVB) 8
10th catelawrence Cate Lawrence (ZL)

Top Articles for August

Rank Headline Author Pageviews
1st Singleton Pattern: A Deep Dive                                                                              Arun Pandey (MVB) 56,393
2nd The Rise and Fall of JVM Languages Nicolas Frankel (MVB) 24,719
3rd 9 Best Practices to Handle Exceptions in Java Thorben Janssen (MVB)     23,591
4th The Ultimate Guide to Progressive Web Applications Matt Raible (MVB) 21,941
5th Put Your Java 8 Method References to Work Per-Ake Minborg (MVB) 21,772
6th My Favorite Headache - More Than Just Geddy Lee's Solo Album John Vester (ZL)  20,987
7th Cisco Cites Concerns in 2017 Mid-Year Cybersecurity Report John Vester (ZL) 19,836
8th Just How Far Can Amazon Go?  John Vester (ZL) 19,549
9th What's So Evil About Singletons? Dave Ranjan 18,579
10th Top 10 Programming Languages in 2017 Anton Shaleynikov 18,383

August's Publications

August was a very busy month in terms of publications. We released two Guides: the Guide to Automated Testing: Improving Application Speed and Quality and the first-ever Guide to Orchestrating and Deploying Containers. So far, this new Guide topic has earned over 12 thousand downloads. 

In addition, we released the following Refcardz:

Meet Our Newest Zone Leader

We're proud to announce that Jeffrey Lee has joined the Zone Leader ranks. Jeffrey will be responsible for managing the DevOps Zone, and has already sent us a ton of great articles. In addition to being an awesome DZone contributor, Jeffrey is also a Master's student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and studies interaction design and user experience at the Interaction Design Foundation. Stay tuned for more wonderful content from Jeffrey. 

The Zone Leader Smackdown Belt Goes to...

On August 18th, Grzegorz Ziemonski and James Sugrue faced off in the first-ever Zone Leader Smackdown. The topic? Java v. Kotlin. The webinar was a huge success, with over 200 people tuning in for the carnage. In the end, Grzegorz was crowned the victor, receiving bragging rights and a sweet championship belt. However, we were very impressed with how many hearts and minds James Sugrue turned to the Kotlin side. Thanks to both of them for taking part in this fun event.

As the Smackdown victor, Grzegorz Ziemonski will receive a super awesome wrestling belt. We hope to have a picture of him wearing it soon! 

Editors' Picks: Trisha Gee, Justin Albano, Dave Ranjan, Raghuraman Kesavan

We'd like to give a big shoutout to Trisha Gee of Jetbrains. She's been writing a fantastic series on code smells that currently includes five awesome posts. Read the first, "Code Smells: Null," here.

And speaking of articles series, Justin Albano's highly detailed, four-part "Understanding Classes in Java" series is one of the best we've read. The posts have even gotten some love from former Zone Leader and frequent DZone publication contributor Per-Åke Minborg. Parts 1 and 2 are available to read now - stay tuned for parts 3 and 4!

Congratulations to Dave Ranjan, the top new DZone original content contributor for the month of August. His first-ever published post, "What's So Evil About Singletons?," received more than 18 thousand pageviews. We can't wait to read more of Dave's content. 

We love tutorials, and Rathnadevi Manivannan is one of our top educational contributors. He has been continuously submitting excellent tutorials, particularly to the Big Data and Database Zones. Our favorite is "Data Analysis Using Apache Hive and Apache Pig" - be sure to give it a read. 

Finally, congrats to Raghuraman Kesavan, the most-read new MVB for the month of August. We syndicated nine posts from his blog Node Simplified just this month, and hope to continue sharing his wonderful content to DZone. 

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