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Monthly Writers' Recap: July 2017

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Monthly Writers' Recap: July 2017

Last month, we launched a new Zone, ran a successful contest, and released six publications. Read on for the full recap.

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Now that August is here, we're recapping the month of July. We officially launched the AI Zone, announced some seriously talented contest winners, and released a Guide and five Refcardz. Check out the full monthly recap below. 

July Leaderboards

Top Contributors by Pageviews for July 2017

Rank Username Real Name Pageviews
1st grzegorztj             Grzegorz Ziemonski (ZL)                                      69,952
2nd daedtech Erik Dietrich (MVB) 61,156
3rd KimMaida Kim Maida (MVB) 58,865
4th kinlane Kin Lane (MVB) 56,616
5th john@galenetechnologies.com                       John Thompson (MVB)  49,019
6th adigaskell Adi Gaskell (MVB) 47,022
7th johnjvester John Vester (ZL) 46,259
8th lukas.eder@gmail.com Lukas Eder (MVB) 44,851
9th GowthamGirithar Gowtham Girithar Srirangasamy                                                 43,533
Daniel Stori Daniel Stori (ZL) 34,346

Top Contributors by Articles for July 2017 

Rank Username Real Name # of Articles
1st adigaskell Adi Gaskell (MVB) 28
2nd kinlane Kin Lane (MVB) 22
3rd daedtech Erik Dietrich (MVB) 19
4th KimMaida Kim Maida (MVB) 15
5th ayende Oren Eini (MVB) 14
6th thiru.cs12@gmail.com                                   Thiruppathi Rengasamy (MVB)                                                  11
7th tresellesystems Rathnadevi Manivannan  10
8th  ChrisChinchilla                                 Chris Ward (ZL) 9
9th catelawrence Cate Lawrence (ZL) 9
10th eviltester Alan Richardson (MVB) 8

Top Articles for July

Rank Headline Author Pageviews
1st What's New in Spring Framework 5? John Thompson (MVB) 34,868
2nd 4 Techniques for Writing Better Java Justin Albano  25,269
3rd Programming Without a Framework Grzegorz Ziemonski (ZL) 25,076
4th Beginning to Doubt Object-Oriented Programming Grzegorz Ziemonski (ZL) 23,943
5th How Geddy Lee Changed My Perspective  John Vester (ZL) 19,462
6th Reactive Spring 5 and Application Design Impact Grygoriy Gonchar (MVB) 18,808
7th Optional Anti-Patterns Przemyslaw Magda 18,787
8th RAML for Designing APIs Niwedita Ranjan 17,531
9th NPE-Free Code Without Null Checks Yogesh Devatraj 16,208
10th Separative Microservices Hype and Reality for Pragmatic Java Developers     Reza Rahman (MVB) 15,476

July's Publications

On July 24th, we released the DZone Guide to Integration: API Design and Management.  In less than two weeks, this year's version of the Integration Guide has nearly surpassed last year's version's current number of downloads! 

We also released the following Refcardz last month: 

A New Zone and a New Contest

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Zone officially went live on July 17th. So far, the Zone has seen a ton of traction and attracted some truly fantastic and thought-provoking content. Current hot topics include chatbots, neural networks, deep learning, algorithms, churn, and classification. 

In honor of the Zone launch, we created the trAIn your brAIn contest, which ran from July 3rd through July 20th. Allin all, more than 100 contributors submitted their content for consideration by our editorial team, and over 130 articles were published to DZone. Check out the full winners' list

Editors' Picks: Chris Lamb, James Kelly, Dan McGhan, Fred Jacquet, and John Vester

Zone Leader Chris Lamb is taking the lead on claiming security articles, having grabbed up four prompts from the previous contributor newsletter. Three of those are already live on DZone, including a fantastic Security 101 post, Getting Started Writing Secure Code. Keep an eye out for his next article!

Thank you to James Kelly, Lead Cloud Architect at Juniper Networks and rockstar MVB. He's been letting us regularly share cool posts for Cloud and DevOps. This one with an excellent title just released yesterday: It's the End of Network Automation as We Know It (and I Feel Fine).

Dan McGhan has been regularly submitting awesome content to the Database Zone — he's smart, easy to work with, and writes very well. What's even more impressive is that he just started contributing this month! We're glad to have him as a member of the DZone contributor community.

The new AI Zone has already attracted a great contributor, Fred Jacquet. Fred is very intelligent about the AI space, and his AI articles on DZone always do well. He's also always very willing to make any changes necessary to make his articles the best that they can be.

Longtime Zone Leader John Vester has been killing it once again with his content. He's posted an awesome Security article, voluntereed to work on a white paper, and agreed to discuss a recent security talk with one of sponsor companies. Thanks, John!

Keep on writing, and we'll see you for next month's recap!

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