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Monthly Writers' Recap: June 2018

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Monthly Writers' Recap: June 2018

June was a busy month here at DZone, with the publication of two Guides, the launch of a new Zone, and the conclusion of an exciting contributor contest.

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June was a busy month here at DZone, with the publication of the Java and Containers Guides, the launch of the Open-Source Zone, and the exciting conclusion of the Open-Source Showdown contributor contest. 

Top Contributors by Pageviews for June 2018

Rank Username Real Name Pageviews
1st javinpaul Javin Paul (MVB) 105,639
2nd java_dm Dustin Marx (MVB) 90,835
3rd johnjvester John Vester (ZL) 80,865
4th greenlaw110 Gelin Luo 63,060
5th Andera_J Leona Zhang 59,811
6th mrhaki Hubert Klein Ikkink (MVB) 57,737
7th jsugrue James Sugrue (ZL) 45,263
8th yogen.rai Yogen Rai 37,699
9th freakonometrics Arthur Charpentier (MVB) 35,877
10th starbuxman Joshua Long (MVB) 35,367

Top Contributors by Articles for June 2018

Rank Username Real Name # of Articles
1st Andera_J Leona Zhang 21
2nd freakonometrics Arthur Charpentier (MVB) 15
3rd java_dm Dustin Marx (MVB) 12
4th mrhaki Hubert Klein Ikkink (MVB) 12
5th ewanvalentine Ewan Valentine (MVB) 10
6th greenlaw110 Gelin Luo 9
7th javinpaul Javin Paul (MVB) 8
8th starbuxman Joshua Long (MVB) 8
9th driscollis Mike Driscoll (MVB) 8
10th adigaskell Adi Gaskell (MVB) 8

Top Articles for June 2018

Rank Headline Author Pageviews
1st GitLab Benefits From the Microsoft/GitHub Acquisition John Vester (ZL) 34,678
2nd A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Developing a Progressive Web App With React.js Kaushal Shah 27,737
3rd Top 10 Books of All-Time for Java Programmers Javin Paul (MVB) 27,142
4th 3 Best Practices Java Programmers Can Learn From Spring Framework Javin Paul (MVB) 25,594
5th Creating REST Services With Flask Dursun Koç 22,160
6th Java Collections Are Evolving Trisha Gee (MVB) 16,979
7th What Fireworks Are In Your Application? John Vester (ZL) 16,301
8th How to Read a Thread Dump Justin Albano (MVB) 15,706
9th Shebang Coming to Java?  Dustin Marx (MVB) 15,176
10th How to Reuse Java Streams  Miguel Gamboa 14,188

June's Publications

During the month of June, we published not one but two Guides: the DZone Guide to Java: Features, Improvements, and Updates (released on June 4th) and the DZone Guide to Containers: Development and Management (released June 25th). The Java Guide is typically our most-read Guide of the year, and has received over 21,000 downloads so far. The Guide to Containers has also done very well, with almost 9,000 downloads in less than two weeks. 

We also released the following Refcardz last month:

Introducing the Open Source Zone

On June 18th, we officially launched our 15th Zone, the Open Source Zone. The new Zone features everything from the philosophy of open source to the nitty-gritty details of building and protecting your open-source software. In less than a month, the Zone has attracted some fantastic contributors and content, and we're very excited to see how it grows and evolves in the coming months. 

Congrats to the Open-Source Showdown Contest Winners 

After five rounds of voting, we've named the official Grand Champion of the Open-Source Showdown Contest. Our readers' votes determined the winners of each round, and all participants will receive a prize for sharing their content.

Huge congrats to Jeff Luszcz, our Grand Champ! His article, "Think Open Source Software is Free? Think Again..." took nearly 65% of the vote in the final round. Jeff will receive a 1-year Audible membership and $100 toward GitHub membership as his reward.

In second place was our awesome Open Source Zone Leader Cynthia Rich; her post, "Tips for Launching Your First-Open Source Project," was featured in our first-ever Open Source Guide.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their articles for the contest and to everyone who voted. See the full list of winners in our Contest Recap.

Editors' Picks: Sarthak Makhija and Neel Bhatt

New MVB Sarthak Makhija is making waves with his series on legacy code - for those interested, start with "Let's Define Legacy Code" and follow that with "How to Deal With Legacy Code." Both articles received an impressive number of pageviews, especially the more recent post, which earned over 8,000 views.

We'd also like to give a shout-out to MVB Neel Bhatt, who is truly a Renaissance Dev! He's recently had posts published to a diverse set of Zones, including Web Dev, AI, Security, and DevOps. Plus, he always shares his DZone posts on LinkedIn. Thanks for spreading the word, Neel!

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