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Monthly Writers' Recap: May 2017

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Monthly Writers' Recap: May 2017

A new Zone Leader took the top spot on the contributor leaderboard for this month. See who else made the Top Ten and read more about May's publications.

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Hello, DZone contributors! During the month of May, we released a major publication, shared fantastic content from new Zone Leaders and first-time contributors alike, and welcomed some awesome MVBs. Check out the full monthly recap below. 

May Leaderboards

Top Contributors by Pageviews for May 2017

Rank Username Real Name Pageviews
1st Daniel Stori                                     Daniel Stori (Zone Leader)                                            92,566
2nd daedtech Erik Dietrich (MVB) 87,216
3rd jacky85 Jitendra Bafna (MVB) 70,765
4th kinlane Kin Lane (MVB) 61,160
5th johnjvester John Vester (Zone Leader) 56,819
6th mma113 Mahmoud Anouti 55,132
7th simpleprogrammer John Sonmez (MVB) 48,593
8th sumith.puri Sumith Puri (MVB) 47,387
9th billoneil Bill O'Neal 46,237
1oth astringfellow Angela Stringfellow (MVB) 45,236

Top Contributors by Articles for May 2017

Rank Username Real Name # of Articles
1st daedtech                                                   Erik Dietrich (MVB)                                               24
2nd kinlane Kin Lane (MVB) 23
3rd jacky85 Jitendra Bafna (MVB) 17
4th adigaskell Adi Gaskell (MVB) 13
5th ayende Oren Eini (MVB)  13
6th Swizec  Swizec Teller (MVB) 13
7th MorpheusDP Darren Perucci (MVB) 10
8th bunkertor Tim Spann (Zone Leader) 10
9th shelby.blitz Shelby Blitz (MVB) 9
10th A_Prodromou Agathoklis Prodromou (MVB) 9

Top Articles for May 2017

Rank Headline Author Pageviews
1st What's New in Java 9? (Besides Modules) Mahmoud Anouti 55,143
2nd Did Amazon Just Kill Open Source? Yaron Haviv 32,161
3rd Will Python Overtake Java?  Venkatesan Murugan 27,625
4th We Need to Talk About SLL [Comic] Daniel Stori (Zone Leader) 24,949
5th Java Creator James Gosling Joins AWS John Vester (Zone Leader)  22,883
6th A Little Lazy Lambda Tutorial Dan Newton (MVB) 20,930
7th 10 Tips on How to Be a Great Programmer Lukas Eder (MVB) 20,412
8th TLS/SSL Explained: TLS/SSL Terminology and Basics Agathoklis Prodromou (MVB) 19,932
9th Java Garbage Collection: Best Practices, Tutorials, and More Angela Stringfellow (MVB) 18,181
10th Locking Files in Java Arun Pandey (MVB) 17,853

May's Publications

On May 22nd, we released the DZone Guide to IoT: Applications, Protocols, and Best Practices. So far, more than 12K software professionals from around the world have downloaded the publication, making it our most successful IoT Guide. We also released the following Refcardz (our technical cheat sheets) last month:

Thanks again to all of our publications authors. If you'd like to write for an upcoming Guide or Refcard, pitch us your idea at editors@dzone.com. 

Outstanding MVBs

We'd like to give a shoutout to the many awesome MVBs from the Lucidchart tech blog. You may remember Paul Draper's excellent "NULL is the Worst Mistake in Computer Science" post from last year. The team there is continuing to share excellent posts, especially Tyler Davis' recent article "Removing Roadblocks in the Move to Angular 4" and Stephen Rollins' "Cracking the Code Review" post series. Be on the lookout for more Lucidchart posts to arrive on DZone shortly!

Congratulations to Sisense MVB Shelby Blitz, our top new MVB for the month of May. Her most-read article, The Difference Between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics," received nearly 12K pageviews. We look forward to reading more of Shelby's great content in the future.

A big thank-you to MVB Reza Rahman, who allowed us to interview him about the JPMS' adoption. It was wonderful to get his thoughts on the subject. You can read that interview here.

Editor's Picks

Yaron Haviv started contributing to DZone just this month, but he's already made an impression with our audience. His second article, Did Amazon Just Kill Open Source?," has almost 35K pvs and 100 likes. It's also inspired an intense conversation, with 53 comments in less than two weeks.

Every day, new contributors submit their first articles to DZone. Mahmoud Anouti's, however, was something special. His first-ever DZone post, What's New in Java 9? (Besides Modules)," earned an impressive 55K pageviews and received over sixty likes and a dozen comments.

Wanna learn about the plethora of chatbot platforms out there? Check out Building a Chatbot: Analysis and Limitations of Modern Platforms by Javier Couto of Tryolabs, for an in-depth overview on the subject and insight into what platform best fits your use case.

Until next month...keep writing!

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