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Monthly Writers' Recap: May 2018

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Monthly Writers' Recap: May 2018

In May, we published a Guide on a brand-new topic, welcomed a fantastic Zone Leader, and began accepting submissions for an upcoming contributor contest.

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In May, we published a Guide on a brand-new topic, welcomed a Zone Leader, and began accepting submissions for an upcoming contributor contest. Read on for more highlights! 

Top Contributors by Pageviews for May 2018

Rank Username Real Name Pageviews
1st johnjvester John Vester (ZL) 151,270
2nd macnux Seco Max (MVB) 144,430
3rd john@galenetechnologies.com John Thompson (MVB) 92,700
4th stefan-thorpe Stefan Thorpe (MVB) 88,926
5th kinlane Kin Lane (MVB) 74,535
6th java_dm Dustin Marx (MVB) 60,360
7th gauravgeek Gaurav Garg 58,979
8th starbuxman Joshua Long (MVB) 57,114
9th javinpaul Javin Paul (MVB) 47,487
10th adigaskell Adi Gaskell (MVB) 38,781

Top Contributors by Articles for May 2018

Rank Username Real Name # of Articles
1st kinlane Kin Lane (MVB) 19
2nd adigaskell Adi Gaskell (MVB) 16
3rd YanivY Yaniv Yehuda (MVB) 10
4th ayende Oren Eini (MVB) 10
5th java_dm Dustin Marx (MVB) 9
6th starbuxman Joshua Long (MVB) 9
7th bunkertor Tim Spann (ZL) 9
8th piotr.minkowski Piotr Minkowski (MVB) 7
9th ChrisChinchilla Chris Ward (ZL) 7
10th gauravgeek Gaurav Garg (MVB) 6

Top Articles for May 2018

Rank Headline Author Pageviews
1st Processing Large Files Using PHP Seco Max (MVB) 133,173
2nd Converting Java Maps to Lists John Thompson (MVB) 92,742
3rd Major Failures: Three in a Row John Vester (ZL) 90,188
4th How to Set Up Kafka Gaurav Garg (MVB) 43,918
5th 10 Tips to Become a Better Java Developer Javin Paul (MVB) 28,068
6th 10 Frameworks for Mobile Hybrid Apps Pedro Fortuna 25,827
7th Misunderstanding OO Programming Steven Lott 24,843
8th It's High Time to Say Goodbye to the LAMP Stack and Hi to the MEAN Stack Ubaid Pisuwala (MVB) 19,876
9th How to Tackle the Learning Curve of Your First Major Engineering Project Annie Cook (MVB) 19,858
10th Handling CORS in Akka HTTP Agraj Mangal (MVB) 19,231

May's Publications

On May 14th, we released the first-ever DZone Guide to Open Source and were glad to see our audience's high degree of interest in this topic. Thus far, the Guide has been downloaded over 8,500 times. We also published the brand-new Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for Documents Refcard last month. 

The Open-Source Showdown Contest 

On May 22nd, we let our contributor community know we were accepting submissions for the upcoming Open-Source Showdown Contest. We launched this contest in anticipation of the  launch of the Open Source Zone on June 18th. While the actual, March Madness-style Showdown will begin on June 18th, we'll be accepting articles on open-source articles through June 12th. Our favorite OSS articles will be entered into the Showdown for a chance at some great prizes, including GitHub, Spotify, and Audible memberships. 

Want to enter? Learn how

Introducing Cynthia Rich

We're very pleased to welcome Cynthia Rich to the Zone Leader community. Cynthia will be focused on curating, promoting, and writing for the soon-to-be-launched Open Source Zone. With her many years of experience related to OSS, she'll be able to guide our editorial direction and offer suggestions for growing this new Zone. 

Cynthia is a Technical Training Manager and GitHub, where she's responsible for a team of talented trainers who travel the globe teaching developers. She's also the Product Manager for GitHub Learning Lab. Later this month, Cynthia will be visiting the DZone offices to give us a GitHub tutorial - we can't wait!

Welcome, Cynthia! 

Editors' Picks: Gowtham Girithar, Satyaprakash Samantaray, and Ken Fogel

Lately, we've been signing on a ton of fantastic MVBs who intend to use DZone as their personal blogging platform. One of them is Gowtham Girithar, a DZone contributor since June of 2017 who just recently joined the MVB program. So far, he's written some excellent DZone-exclusive posts. His "Features in Java 10" article raked in over 24,000 views, and he's been super attentive to the comments. 

Another contributor who's been using DZone as his personal blog and doing a great job of it is Satyaprakash Samantaray. Satyaprakash is new to DZone, but his first article, "Filter Records Using jQuery Without Post Page," made quite a splash in the Database Zone, earning nearly 11,000 pageviews. 

Are you Java dev looking for a fun weekend project involving your Raspberry Pi? If so, check out MVB Ken Fogel's two-part series, "Raspberry Pi, Java, and the GoPiGo3." Part 1 takes you through the various setup configurations of a GoPiGo3 robotic car. Part 2 teaches you how to create a JSF app to control your car via web browser. Enjoy! 

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