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Monthly Writers' Recap: October 2017

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Monthly Writers' Recap: October 2017

This month, we finished up a contest, enjoyed another riveting Zone Leader Smackdown, published the 2017 AI and Database Guides, and welcomed back a Zone Leader.

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October was an awesome month to be a DZone reader, with two Guide releases, a Zone Leader Smackdown, the return of a Zone Leader, and the end of the Bounty Hunter Contest. 

Top Contributors by Pageviews for October 2017

Rank Username Real Name Pageviews
1st albanoj2 Justin Albano (MVB) 118,807
2nd kinlane Kin Lane (MVB) 56,800
3rd johnjvester John Vester (ZL) 56,626
4th daedtech Erik Dietrich (MVB) 54,633
5th adigaskell Adi Gaskell (MVB) 49,461
6th grzegorztj Grzegorz Ziemonski (ZL)                                                             46,828
7th KatalonStudio                                                      Oliver Howard    46,766
8th starbuxman Joshua Long (MVB) 46,716
9th java_dm Dustin Marx (MVB) 46,167
10th Daniel Stori Daniel Stori (ZL) 45,995

Top Contributors by Articles for October 2017

Rank Username Real Name # of Articles
1st adigaskell                                                     Adi Gaskell (MVB)                                                       22
2nd kinlane Kin Lane (MVB) 19
3rd KatalonStudio             Oliver Howard 18
4th daedtech Erik Dietrich (MVB) 15
5th Avkash Avkash Chauhan (MVB) 12
6th albanoj2 Justin Albano (MVB) 11
7th java_dm Dustin Marx (MVB) 9
8th Shashikant87                              Shashikant Jagtap (MVB)                                                                 9
9th ayende Oren Eini (MVB)
10th starbuxman Joshua Long (MVB) 8

Top Articles for October 2017

Rank Headline Author Pageviews
1st Most Popular Programming Languages of 2017  Jake Widman (MVB) 41,019
2nd Developing a Web Application Using Angular (Part 1)* Justin Albano (MVB) 35,635
3rd 3 Machine Learning Algorithms You Need to Know* Eleni Markou (MVB)       25,735
4th Using WireMock to Mock Underlying Services for REST Testing in Spring Boot Deepak Tyagi 24,293
5th Why Your Cloud Strategy Is Failing [Infographic] Amarkant Singh 22,332
6th Java 9: The Good, the Bad, and Private Interface Methods Yegor Bugayenko (MVB) 21,135
7th Being Smart About Your UX/UI Design John Vester (ZL) 20,685
8th Streams vs. Decorators  Yegor Bugayenko (MVB) 20,250
9th Top 20 Cloud Blogs for Every Cloud Architect [Infographic] Sakshi Gaurav  19,892
10th A Reality Show About Programmers: Is the World Ready? John Vester (ZL) 19,495
*indicates an article submitted through the DZone Bounty Board 

October's Publications

On October 16th, we released the DZone Guide to AI: Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. This was our first-ever Artificial Intelligence Guide, and we were very impressed by its performance. And at the end of the month, we released a second Guide, the DZone Guide to Databases: Speed, Scale, and Security. In addition, we published the Getting Started With Memcached Refcard

Zone Leader Smackdown 2.0

On Friday, October 13th, a battle between husband and wife took place on DZone. Chris Ward and Cate Lawrence went head-to-head over AI and whether it'll take our jobs in the near future. The winner? Chris, who terrified everyone with his vision of a Terminator-esque future. However, it was a very close fight and a nailbiter until the very end. Huge thanks to Cate and Chris for participating!

Congrats to the Top Bounty Hunters 

In honor of the Bounty Board launch on September 18th, we gave contributors extra chances to win through the Bounty Hunter Contest. There were two ways to win: be the author with the most published Bounty Board claims, or be our randomly selected winner. The contest ended on October 3rd, and we announced our two winners. 

Congratulations to Arun Yaligar, who had three of his Bounty Board articles published to DZone during the contest period, the most of any participant. He won a $100 Amazon gift card and a super cool Boba Fett backpack. Also, congrats to Jeffrey Lee, who was selected as our random winner. He received a $50 Amazon gift card and a Boba Fett-themed wallet.

Welcome Back, Emmett Coin 

Welcome back to Emmett Coin, who is rejoining the Zone Leader fold. Emmett was coined an "Industral Poet" way back in the 90's and has kept this title as the technological founder of ejTalk. His focus will mainly be on the AI Zone. He describes his work as "exploring and evangelizing methodologies that permit computers to carry on real-time intelligent and natural conversations with humans." Emmett will be representing DZone at the AI World conference in Boston in December, so keep an eye out for him if you're planning on attending. We're excited to have him on the ZL team.

Editors' Picks: Patrick Lazar, Henrik Loeser, and Josh Chang

Big thanks to Patrick Lazar for writing up some seriously cool interviews about the Industrial Internet. The "The Intelligence Edge" interview series currently has two parts (you can read the first here), and we look forward to reading more entries.

We're constantly on the lookout for excellent Security Zone content, and this month, Henrik Loeser really delivered. "Data Henrik," which remains one of our favorite usernames, shared a fantastic post about securing your Cloud database apps, as well as an article about using trusted contexts to secure your Db2 data base.

Finally, we'd like to thank Josh Chang for his excellent Mobile Zone article series on Unity 3D VR. Our entire Editorial Team was impressed by this tutorial, which currently has four parts and many more are on the way. Read Part 1, "Going Through the Unity Ball Tutorial," here.

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