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Moose XML for Java Makes XML and Web Services Fun


MooseXML for Java is the newest, best way to get XML data into and out of your Java applications and web services.

Start with a simple Java bean:

public class HelloWorld {
// Accessors omitted for brevity

private String name;

And then end up with the following XML:

<hello><name>Moose XML</name></hello>

Moose XML supports the following features:

  • Integrates with Spring Web Services out of the box
  • Automatic XML Schema generation--you annotate your Java classes and Moose will handle the generation of an XML schema to match
  • The above two features combine to allow rapid, code-first web services development
  • Includes examples and developer documentation

More information on Moose XML is available at the following location:

<a href="http://quigley.com/moose/>The Moose XML Homepage</a>

There, you can access the <a href="http://quigley.com/releases/moose/0.4.0/developer-guide.html">Developer Guide</a>, and also download the <a href="http://quigley.com/releases/moose/0.4.0/quigley-moose-src-">latest release</a>.


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