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More About Android 4.4 from Google's Developer Advocates and Engineers

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More About Android 4.4 from Google's Developer Advocates and Engineers

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There's tons of information about Android 4.4 all over the Android developer site. I bet we've all been sifting through the information overload yesterday and today.  But wait, there's more! Google's engineers and developer advocates have been posting tons of interesting post to Google+ allowing us to deepen our knowledge of the new platform version. Here's a list of few of them.

Nick Butcher posted a good collection of links about the Support Library and Play Services.

Roman Nurik posted links to the updated Device Art Generator as well as links to PSD of the Nexus 5 renderings.

Romain Guy posted two posts about the Android UI framework:
Android 4.4 & rendering pipeline improvements
Batching & merging on Android 4.4

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