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I recently change roles at Oracle…  previously I was a Java Technology Evangelist and now I am a Java Community Manager.  So, you may be asking yourself what is the difference between an evangelist and a community manager…  Here is the quick breakdown:

  1. Evangelists preach while managers buy pizza…  looking forward to buying pizza for some JUGs!  :)
  2. They probably won’t “invite” me to customer meetings anymore…  somehow I am fine with that.
  3. The Java part is still the same, so I can legitimately get away with drinking gourmet coffee and calling it work!

And as part of my new role I am getting pulled into a lot of our community outreach efforts.  You will see more of these showing up on my blog, but the most imminent one is the upcoming Virtual Technology Summit (VTS).  It is like a conference, but without the annoying vendors.  ;)

Attendance at the VTS is free…  just register on one of these sites based on what region you are located in:

I am particularly excited about Mark Heckler’s session.  He is going to talk about an autonomous land vehicle IoT navigator.  Based on the quality of his JavaOne talks, it will be an exciting presentation!

I hope to see you at one of the VTS events in the chat.


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