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This week has been an interesting one. I’ve been stuck in jury duty most of the week. The case I was on was a civil one and it basically boiled down to two people not communicating with each other and the result was their business partnership failed miserably costing both parties a lot of money and destroying the business venture in the process. Why do I bring this up? Well, communication between 2 parties is the main benefit and feature of the vCloud API.

The vCloud API is the cornerstone to ecosystem and federation as I’ve mentioned in previous posts. It allows all sorts of different software vendors and enterprises to talk programmatically with VMware powered clouds. The problem is you want to allow people to talk their own language while using this common communication tool called the vCloud API. This is where VMware Ecosystem Engineering comes in. Recently they finished creating 2 more language bindings for the vCloud API – .Net and PHP. Now you can write to the vCloud API natively in Java, .Net, and PHP with more language bindings on the way. That’s pretty powerful.

No other API on the market allows the rich feature set and broad adoption of the vCloud API and these language bindings will make it even easier to consume and use by even more organizations. If you haven’t started to figure out how you can take advantage of VMware powered clouds programmatically then I encourage you to look at the new bindings and figure out what will work for you.


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