Morning Java: Fresh Starts

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Morning Java: Fresh Starts

See the latest Java news and tutorials from DZone and around the web, including how to work with Java 9's new tooling and what's happening with EE4J/Java EE.

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Welcome back to another round of Morning Java! The year is still relatively fresh, so let's dive into what's been going on in the Java world. This month, check out how to get things done in Java 9, how to better your career this year, and what's going on as Java EE transitions to EE4J. 

It's Java'clock

By the way, if you're interested in writing for your fellow DZoners, feel free to check out our Writers' Zone, where you can also find some current hot topics and our Bounty Board, which has writing prompts coupled with prizes.

Coffee and the News

EE4J and the Great Code Migration

With Java EE — er, EE4J — still moving forward, there's a lot of code that needs moving. Here's an update on how the process of shifting code from Oracle to Eclipse is going and what's happening next.

JDK 8: To 2019 and Beyond

In case you weren't aware, Oracle had planned on ending updates for Java 8 this September. Well, that's no longer the plan! Now the idea is to provide quarterly updates into the early part of 2019. Check out the article for more information as well as what else Oracle is planning for their support calendar.

Kotlin Malware for Android

If you'll forgive the dip into the mobile realm for a moment, you know you've hit it big when people design malware with you in mind. This month, a firm discovered Android malware designed in Kotlin. See what the designers targeted and see which packages it infected. So, congratulations to Kotlin! You've really made the bigtime.

Diving Deeper Into Java


Java Developer

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada


  • A degree or diploma in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field
  • 5+ years experience in enterprise application development with Java
  • Experience building and scaling distributed, highly available systems
  • Experience developing applications for a cloud environment such as Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services
  • Experience with relational databases such as Postgres, etc.
  • Solid knowledge of unit, integration and automation testing methodologies

Site Reliability Engineer

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Paid Relocation)


  • Mastery in at least one programming language, Perl and Java are a plus;
  • Experience with building, operating and maintaining complex and scalable systems;
  • Solid understanding of Software Engineering and Computer Science principles;
  • Solid foundation in Linux administration and troubleshooting;
  • Proven experience with automation. Knowledge of configuration management tools like Puppet or Chef is a plus;
  • Additional experience in Networking, Security or Storage is a plus;
  • Be able to understand and formulate meaningful business metrics;
  • Creative and not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone;
  • Fluent in the English language both spoken and written.
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