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Morning Java: Productivity, Design Patterns, and Jigsaw

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Morning Java: Productivity, Design Patterns, and Jigsaw

This month, take a look at how to make yourself more productive in Eclipse IDE, whether you should be looking into Kotlin for Android apps, and starting Java 9 migration.

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It's time for your morning news break! Get caught up with the latest, greatest Java news around DZone and the web at large. This week, there weren't any common themes in the articles curated below, but some of the highlights include takeaways from JavaOne, ways to improve productivity for Eclipse IDE users, getting started with Java 9 app migration, and plenty more!

It's Java'clock

  • Passing by Value vs. Passing by Reference in Java, by Justin Albano. While many languages put information passing into the hands of developers, all data is passed by value in Java. See how to turn that restriction to your advantage.

  • Java: The Strategy Pattern, by Justin Albano. So nice, I picked him twice! This deep dive into the classic Strategy Pattern covers how it works, example usage, and deciding how and when to use it in your projects.

  • 15 Productivity Tips for Eclipse Java IDE Users, Mahmoud Anouti. Here is one dev's advice for using Eclipse more efficiently from coding to debugging, including favored keyboard shortcuts and tooling.

  • Run Your Java App as a Service on Ubuntu, by Muhammad Sarwar. Bring your JAR file to Ubuntu as a service using this example service wrapper. See how to make it work, including automatic starts and logging tips.

  • Migrating a Spring Boot App to Java 9: Compatability, by Nicolas Frankel. Migrating an app to Java 9 and the JPMS should be no problem, right? Not quite. Let's watch everything break, then see what you need to do to fix it.

Coffee and the News

Getting Caught Up

Well, when it comes to getting caught up in the Java world, it's hard to go wrong with JetBrains' Trisha Gee and her regular Java Annotated Monthly series. The entry for this month covers JavaOne, the latest Android news, and just about everything you need to know about the Java ecosystem.

A New Challenger Appears

Now for a bit of mobile news! Straight from Java World, it looks like Kotlin might actually overtake Java for Android development in 2018. If you're in the mobile space and aren't using Kotlin for Android projects, now might be the time to take a look.

A Look at Java EE

Java EE got a lot of attention at JavaOne, not only because of the decision to house it under an open source foundation just weeks before the conference. But ADT Mag put out a nice article about the current state of the Java EE transfer and the various stakeholders' positions on it.

Diving Deeper Into Java

Who's Hiring?

Java Developer


Location: Vancouver or Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


  • A degree or diploma in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field

  • 5+ years experience in enterprise application development with Java

  • Experience building and scaling distributed, highly available systems

  • Experience developing applications for a cloud environment such as Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services

  • Experience with relational databases such as Postgres, etc.

  • Solid knowledge of unit, integration and automation testing methodologies

Senior Java Product Developer

BMC Software

Location: Santa Clara, California, United States


  • 5-7 years proven experience in software development using object-oriented language (Java, C++, C# etc.) – a must
  • Experience in designing and developing SaaS/cloud applications through full software development life cycle
  • Experience in DevOps methodology and Cloud-friendly technologies will be a big plus
  • Expertise with unit/integration testing, test-driven development and related modern best practices/technologies
  • Excellent understanding of web technologies HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery
  • Experience with web servers and app servers, internals of browsers and standards compliance of different browsers (IE/FireFox/Chrome)
  • Experience with server-side issues such as caching, clustering, persistence, security, SSO, state management, high scalability/availability and failover a plus
  • Excellent communication skills: demonstrated ability to explain complex technical issues to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Must have strong decision-making skills; take-charge personality, and the ability to drive a plan to completion
  • Experience in working with Agile development methodology is preferred.
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