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Morning Java: The Blunt Fundamentals

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Morning Java: The Blunt Fundamentals

See what worked in Java 8 and what didn't, how Kotlin and Scala compare to each other and Java, what separates IoC and DI, and what's happening with Java EE.

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With the holidays behind us and a new year freshly being rung in, it's time to see what's been going on in the world of Java! This ended up being a very blunt compilation of articles and news (although the headlines were pretty enjoyable). "Java 8: The Bad Parts" still makes me chuckle, and we'll even cover something as fundamental as a name in the news section. But this compilation also dives into some fundamental aspects of programming and considers a higher-level view of what's coming ahead.

It's Java'clock

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Coffee and the News

What's in a Name?

The Java EE Guardians have published an open letter about how Java EE will be named and packaged moving forward now that the standard is moving to the Eclipse Foundation. The letter details concerns the group has with Oracle's desire to, in their own words "restrict the use of the word 'Java' and the use of the 'javax' packages for EE4J due to corporate branding concerns." The Guadians propose a set of solutions as well. Check it out and see if you agree with their points.

What's New for Groovy?

Last month, InfoWorld compiled a list of items on track for Groovy 2.5 and 3.0. The big player detailed in this roadmap? Modularity. Among the enhancements: support for Java 9 modules and Java 8 lambda expressions.

Java 10 and 11

At the tail end of last year, Ben Evans of InfoQ put out a nice compilation of what to expect in the next two releases of Java, since the plan is to move to a 6-month release plan. See what's on track for 2018, including the few confirmed parts so far for Java 11.

Diving Deeper Into Java

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