Most Competetive Machine Learning and Deep Learning Programs

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Most Competetive Machine Learning and Deep Learning Programs

Cut the research for the most suitable machine learning course and pick one from our comprehensively dissected list!

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Machine learning is a technical self-explanatory subset of data science and an application of artificial intelligence (AI). It specializes in conditioning the machine by designing the ability to auto-learn and improve in order to execute tasks that it is not programmed to do so.

It may sound totally otherworldly but essentially it is not. A machine can actually automatically learn to perform without human intervention. Because for the most part, machine learning is about developing computer programs that enable data accession in terms of direct experience, examples, or instructions to deduce certain patterns which can be used as future reference.

 The primary aim of machine learning is to enable an analysis of a huge amount of data. Although it is a sufficiently reliable and fast process of identifying potential risks or profitable opportunities, machine learning requires significant time and resources to be trained adequately. That is where AI and other cognitive technologies join forces with machine learning to make it effective and smooth to handle massive volumes of data.

After considerable research of the institute/platform, we have compiled the list of 10 free top-notch machine learning courses. These courses vary between different stages, for instance, some range from introductory machine learning to deep learning. While others belong to natural language processing so on and so forth. Most of the mentioned courses also include live instructors with deep proficiency in their respective disciplines. 

So, let’s just have a look at them so you can decide which one suits your needs the most!

1. Free Machine Learning Course

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Fast.ai is hands down the most sought-after platform that provides free courses on a vast range of subjects. The main topics however focus on artificial intelligence in all its variations. Fast.ai courses are designed to not only educate masses about AI, but they also teach how one can effectively break into the field. The structure of the courses is comprised of basic content that starts from scratch.  Their teaching mechanisms are inclined towards practical implementation for they believe that students learn best by doing what they are being taught. 

There are a series of choices available for both beginners and experienced learners. So, if you are serious about getting started in this area, then the easiest way is to click on the first lecture. This course is self-paced, which basically means there is no timeline.

Key Features

  • Every step and concept is well defined with the help of visual information and hands-on samples.
  • An active discussion forum is available with peers and practitioners helping each other during the course duration.
  • Fast.ai exclusive library and training models are also available for free.

2. Machine Learning Course (Stanford)

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Standford School of Engineering offers the best package in terms of three graduate certifications in artificial intelligence. This program, however, provides inclusive problem exploration through data, optimization, and model courses for algorithm implementation and model development practice.

Other than that, their dataset mining and AI courses focus on the techniques of probabilistic model development and machine learning with real-life experimentations. The duration of this course is 1 to 2 years. 

Key Features

  • Covers every topic with a concise yet in-depth approach
  • Teaches through real-world challenges 
  • Provides added resources to enhance the experience

3. Machine Learning Course by Stanford University (Coursera)

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Stanford University’s machine learning course is developed by the Co-Founder of Coursera and professor at Stanford, Andrew Ng. It is undoubtedly the best free course available on the internet today. More than 2,600,000 students as well as professionals from around the world have attended this course and returned to rate the program 4.9 out of 5. Go through all the testimonials on their website or read the reviews from google and you will understand why we are ranking it the best out there.

The wide range of topics this program is covering includes; innovation in machine learning and artificial intelligence, supervised learning, and best practices. They also upload a lot of case studies and applications for the new students. The complete program is expanded on approximately 55 hours, which means you have to be available for 7 hours every week. 

Key Features

  • The focus is on the professionally relevant sound topics like parametric and non-parametric algorithms, dimensionality reduction, clustering, etc.
  • A live instructor is available to advise and to give best practice knowledge.
  • Hyper interactive debate forum where like-minded peers and learners of all levels actively enhance each other’s experience.
  • The real-world case studies allow students an opportunity to understand the professional dynamics of problem solving expertise.
  • Provides database mining exclusive training.

4. Deep Learning Course (deeplearning.ai)

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Andrew Ng, one of the most prominent names in Deep Learning education, puts together this special course in association with Stanford Professors and NVIDIA|deep learning institute. The instructor of this course was also the head of Google Brain Project.

In this 5 courses program he aims to teach students about:

  • Foundations of Deep Learning
  • How to build neural networks
  • How to build machine learning projects

Another factor adding to the prestige of this program is the possibility of working on real-time case studies from many industry areas such as healthcare, autonomous driving, natural language processing, music generation, sign language reading, etc. The number of enrolled students is more than 250,000 from around the world. Which points towards the reliability and credibility of the certificate, instructor, course, and platform alike. This program is spanned over 3 month’s session and demands 11 hours every week. 

Key Features

  • Teaches complexed convolutional networks, RNNs, Dropout, and BatchNorm
  • Uses different techniques using to build models that can solve real-life problems
  • Covers many field areas
  • Finishes all assignments as per the pre-determined schedule to allow students to earn their specialization certificate 

5. Free Machine Learning (edX)

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The interesting aspect of edX is that it gathers a host of machine learning courses from different institutes from around the world. Almost all of these programs are free unless you need a certificate. This program is self-paced to your convenience. 

Key Features

  • Provides free programs as well
  • Focuses concentrated on machine learning and artificial intelligence 
  • Provides live instructor and professors for additional tips and tricks
  • Teaches student complex data modeling, data classification exploration, regression and clustering

6. Machine Learning Course A-Z: Hands-On Python & R (Udemy)

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This course has whopping 411,800 students that have taken and successfully cleared it. Most of them passed out students give it an average rating of 4.5/5. Data scientist and Forex Systems Expert, Kirill Eremenko along with another data scientist, Hadelin de Ponteves developed the program with an aim to provide the best machine learning education. Machine Learning A-Z is a great introductory course to get students familiarized with scikit-learn type packages with elementary theoretical as well as practical examples.

Through the topics covered in the course, you will learn machine learning on Python and R to be able to make accurate predictions. It is also intended to build a sharp machine learning models’ intuition in students as well as teach them to handle specialized tools. Most importantly, with the illustration expanded on 19 articles, the course will give you the real-world experimental opportunity by using reinforcement learning, NLP, and deep learning. All you are required to have for enrollment are basic mathematics credentials. The whole program consists of 41 hours of duration that are divided over a few weeks.

Key Features

  • Requires no prior experience
  • Focuses on complex subjects like natural language processing, deep learning, reinforcement learning, among many other topics
  • Takes occasional test practical exercises to determine your grasp on the lectures
  • Comprehensive tutorial to install and configure required tools and extensions
  • Provides a free downloadable template for both Python and R code that can be used in other projects

7. Free Machine Learning Data Science Course (Harvard University)

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It’s a Harvard University’s professional certification program headed by professor of Biostatistics at Harvard University, Rafael Irizarry. It educates the students through motivating real-world case studies on trends in world health and economics, 2007-08 financial crisis, US crime rates, election forecasting, etc. This program is very precise in the approach, it asks and teaches you to develop specific questions and answer them through analyzing massive volumes of data. 

The topics covered in the whole program include R programming language, statistical concepts, and data analysis techniques. This program is comprised of 9 courses and each course requires 2 to 8 weeks, which is basically 2 to 4 hours every week.

Key Features

  • Covers R programming fundamentals in detail 
  • Allows exploration and application of statistical concepts like probability, modeling, and inference
  • Gives experience with the uses of tidyverse, ggplot2, Unix/Linux, git, GitHub, RStudio and dplyr for data visualization data wrangling

8. Free Machine Learning Course with R 

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This interactive course is designed for individuals skilled in R programming and statistics. It focuses on improving the basic skill set to expert level by various applications and problem-solving mechanisms. Additionally, students will be taught the main machine learning techniques to train and assess their models. The duration of this course is 6 hours.

Key Features

  • Teaches different algorithms comparison for experimentation
  • Encourages the student to perform data categorization, decision tree development, and clustering sessions
  • Provides 15 videos lectures and 81 practice exercises

9. Free Machine Learning Introduction Course (Udacity)

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This is a go-to course for all aspiring data analysts and data scientists. It helps students gain all the essential skills required by high profile corporations today. Udacity Nanodegree Program explores the end to end process of data investigation by machine learning prism. The prime attraction of this program is the detailed tutorials to teach students how to extract and identify the right features to represent their data in the optimal form. Furthermore, it will explain some of the most important machine learning algorithms and how best you evaluate their performance. The program is self-paced and takes 3 months duration for the completion certification and has an average rating of 4.6/5. 

Key Features 

  • Incorporates interactive quizzes to revise all the covered topics
  • Have an active student support community that encourages the student to exchange ideas and address concerns
  • Have Kaggle and AWS associated contents
  • Provides one on one mentorship and personal career training 

10. Free Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Course (Columbia)

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This micro master's program designed by Columbia University to provide advanced and professional foundational classes. It covers AI in its many subfields such as machine learning, neural networks, etc. the whole program is expanded on 4 courses that go over the main concepts of artificial intelligence one at a time.

The main focus of this program is to teach students:

  • How to build a concrete foundation using AI guiding principles design
  • How to apply machine learning knowledge on real-world challenges
  • How to design neural networks and apply on relevant problems

By the end of the program, it claims to provide enough practical knowledge to enable immediate job applications with an enhanced portfolio. The duration of this program is divided into 4 courses and each course takes 12 weeks. Which are 8 to 10 hours every week for each course?

Key Features

  • Teaches robust application of machine learning concepts on real-life challenges.
  • Facilitates neural network design work to harness the full capabilities
  • Provides richly developed examples and conceptual demonstrations
  • Opens doors for an array of professional fields like robotics, physical simulations, etc.
  • Have detailed tutorials available to configure and navigate through the right software to get started
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