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Most Popular Game Dev Solutions

Across the industry, the most frequently mentioned game development platform is Unity game engine and the most common language is C++.

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To gather insights on the current and future state of Game Development, we talked to eight executives involved in game development in some form or another. Here’s who we spoke to:

Here's what they told us when we asked, "What are the technical solutions you use to develop games?":


  • We provide SDKs for Android, iOS, Cocos 2D, and Unity
  • Our games are built in the Unity game engine on a Microsoft Azure distributed PaaS global infrastructure. Unity allows for cross-platform distribution on PC, mobile, and console. Maya and Unity game engines are our client-side development platforms. Our platform that manages each of our games across the globe is Microsoft Azure Cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) development solutions with Visual Studio as well as robust backend gaming solutions. JumpStart Games Inc. chose the Microsoft Azure Cloud for its backend gaming platform because of its global footprint, reliable scale, technology diversity, development synergy, and its deep partnership commitment. Our games are accessed worldwide and Azure being in over 26 regions of the world allows us the global reach we require. Though we are primarily a .NET gaming platform, Azure also supports Linux solutions which we also rely on as well as many marketplace leading solutions which are all available to us.
  • The Unity game engine allows developers to work fast and get a lot done. Arduino is our hardware of choice. We use standard tools for graphics and 3-D modeling.
  • We use our own firmware to record physics data and then feed into a Unity game development framework. 
  • We're agnostic across platforms with SDKs and a query language similar to SQL. For mobile and offline, we synch data with Xamarin and Unity.
  • Every company is different, one of the fun things about being a consultant is seeing all of the different tools people use. The first big decision people have to make is what engine they want to use, this is what a game is built on. There are a lot of options out there, from Unity to Unreal, from Game Maker to Mods, all can make games. You can also make your own engine, but that is a lot of work. Then you have the artists, they use Photoshop, Blender, 3d Studio Max, Maya, Modo, and all types of other art solutions. For management, people use a lot of different things, from Google Sheets and Excel to project management software like Jira or Target Process. The last big tool you need is source control, Perforce and Git are popular solutions.


  • Our own proprietary engine based on Arma II heavily modified with C++ and DirectX 11 for 3-D rendering. Some third-party libraries.
  • C++


  • Haxe is now our core technology. Haxe is a truly cross-platform development solution, and after recently completing the transition of our entire game platform, including 1.4 million lines of code, from ActionScript (the programming language for Flash) to Haxe, we are now able to leverage one single codebase to produce native games across web, mobile, and other future platforms.  

What are the technical solutions you use in your game development? Tell us in the comments!

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