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Move Your Existing Web Application to Rails 3 Versions

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Move Your Existing Web Application to Rails 3 Versions

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Ruby on rails is an opensource web application framwork that is optimized for developers happiness and sustainable productivity.It permits you to write lovely code by favoring convention over configuration.Websites which were developed with old technology can be converted into latest web 3.0 format using RoR technology. It offers an interesting framework which facilitates website development in much faster and simpler way then done by any other framework.
Rails are a framework for developing database net applications consistent with the model-view-control pattern.We do comes on the newly updated versions of rails.The latest unleash on ruby on rails 3.2.6

Highlights of rails 3.2.6

1) latest router with a stress on RESTful declarations

2) New Action Mailer API modeled when Action Controller (now while not the agonizing pain of sending multipart messages!)

3) New Active Record chainable question language designed on prime of relational algebra

4) Unobtrusive JavaScript helpers with drivers for Prototype, jQuery, and additional returning (end of inline JS)

5) express dependency management with Bundler

On prime of all that, we’ve tried our greatest to deprecate the previous APIs with nice warnings. which means that you just will move your existing application to Rails three while not immediately rewriting all of your previous code to the newest best practices

Openwave is in the practice of developing and maintaining Ruby on Rails development based applications since ages. With efficient and handpicked ruby developers having experience in handling any kind of projects. Openwave presents itself as a strong contender for developing Ruby on Rails based applications with considerable size and complexity.


For more info refer @ http://www.openwavecomp.com/ruby_on_rails.html



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