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Moving Data In, Out, and Between Azure Storage Accounts Using AzCopy

A useful way to move your data around the Azure cloud.

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The little script I demoed at IT Camp @Houston. Just:

  1. Install AzCopy.
  2. Copy the script as it is.
  3. Validate the source path, destination path, and associated Azure storage account access keys.
  4. Run it.

Here is the entire PowerShell script. The source and the destination storage accounts can be different subscriptions. Namely it can do cross-subscription copying.

$theSource      = @{path=’?’; accessKey=’?’; recursion=”; pattern=”}
$theDestination = @{path=’?’; accessKey=’?’}

<# Validate the data

$theSource.path      = ‘/Source:https://nothere.blob.core.windows.net/abcdefg’ 
$theSource.AccessKey = ‘/SourceKey:mySourceStorageAccessKey’                   

$theDestination.path      = ‘/Dest:https://mydest.blob.core.windows.net/ContainerTOBeCreated’
$theDestination.AccessKey = ‘/DestKey:myDESTStorageAccessKey’


$theSource.pattern         = ” 
$theSource.recursion       = ‘/S’
$supressConfirmationPrompt = ‘/Y’
$listingOnlyOption         = ”   # or /L

$verbose        = ‘on’
$verboseLogFile = “$env:USERPROFILE\documents\”+(get-date -format ‘mmss’)+’.azcopy.verbose.txt’
$verboseLog     =”/V:$verboseLogFile”

$responsefile = “$($theSource.path) “+
                “$($theDestination.path) “+ 
                “$($theSource.AccessKey) “+
                “$($theDestination.AccessKey) “+
                “$($theSource.pattern) $($theSource.recursion) $supressConfirmationPrompt “+
#                “$snapshot “+
                “$listingOnlyOption “+ 

start-process `
    -FilePath         ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Azure\AzCopy\AzCopy.exe’ `
    -WorkingDirectory ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Azure\AzCopy’ `
    -ArgumentList     “$responsefile” `

if ($verbose -eq ‘on’) { notepad $verboseLogfile }

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