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Moving Nodes From One XmlDocument To Another

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Moving Nodes From One XmlDocument To Another

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In .NET has some powerful tools to deal with Xml. All Xml nodes need to be created in the context of a XmlDocument object. If you need to move the nodes from one Xml Document to another, it's not obvious that you can just copy the nodes from one XmlDocument to another, after all Xml is just text isn't it.

Here's how to move all the nodes from one Xml Document to another:

// Dont forget this one:
using System.Xml;

// First, get some documents together
XmlDocument DocumentSource = new XmlDocument();
XmlDocument DocumentDestination = new XmlDocument();

// Load the documents with some nodes

// Now to do the conversion
XmlNode tempNode = DocumentDestination.ImportNode( DocumentSource.FirstChild )

// Now insert the fragment into the document

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