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MS Excel®-based Performance Reviews Transformed into Rich Internet Application for Performance Management

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MS Excel®-based Performance Reviews Transformed into Rich Internet Application for Performance Management

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MS Excel®-based Performance Reviews Transformed into Rich Internet Application for Performance Management

“The Visual WebGui development process was extremely productive and eliminated much of the complexity required to deliver a highly functional UI using ASP.Net”
-Mitch Stephens HR TMS Product Architect

HR TMS provides enterprise talent management solutions for healthcare, retail and corporate customers, focusing on performance management, compensation management and succession planning.

As the competency of nurses and other healthcare workers is critical, the government, via the Joint Commission (JCAHO), tightly monitors their performances. On a regular basis, accredited healthcare organizations are required to review employee performance using a complex set of position dependent job descriptions and competencies. Middlesex Hospital managed their performance reviews for 2500 employees manually with Excel spreadsheets. This was a labor intensive process that proved to be error prone and difficult to manage. Reviews were not always where they belonged and the job descriptions and competencies for healthcare workers were difficult to keep accurate and up to date. As a result, when the Joint Commission visited and requested to see specific review documentation, there was intense stress.

Business needs
Critical information about more than 1000 positions and their subsequent reviews needed to be readily available. This was important, not only to maintain JCHAHCO accreditation, but to effectively manage and monitor continuous ongoing improvement of employees in critical positions. With their manuallabor intensitve Excel process, key information was irretrievably locked away in Excel® spreadsheets. And since there was no way to track review status or manage the process, reviews were often delivered late, - putting the organization outside compliance with negotiated agreements.

Middlesex needed to automate their review process, gather the position information from all spreadsheets , and be able to deliver reviews online. Users needed to have online access to those reviews from a standard browser. While change was important, the manual system (despite its challenges) had the advantage of being very comprehensive and familiar to users.

AThe decision was made to provide a web-based solution that leveraged the look and feel of those spreadsheets, which would ensure in order to insure user acceptance of the system and minimize tthe training on a new system needed. The solution shouldwould need to provide automated workflow to route reviews to the necessary approvers and send notification y them by email. Job descriptions would need to be controlled centrally by HR while still allowing managers to provide input for highly technical jobs. Also, HR would need to accessneeded analytics from the system to support EEO and JHACO requirements, specifically compliance information so HR could easily identify, and follow-up on, late or missing reviews.

Another consideration was that tThis project was a top priority of management and needed to be completed and rolled out quickly and within a limited budget.

The Solution
Using Visual WebGui, the HR TMS engineered a web-based form builder, which allowsed the product the to createion of on-line forms that resembled the multi-tabbed review forms to which that employees were accustomed to. These were delivered in a robust online format, providing the clean, intuitive browser-based experience that Middlesex was looking for.

The HR TMS team was able to accomplish this task in a fraction of time it would have taken using ASP.Net® web development methods. “The Visual WebGui development process was extremely productive and eliminated much of the complexity required to deliver a highly functional UI using ASP.Net,” said Mitch Stephens, HR TMS Product Architect. This approach was so successful that HR TMS moved the entire web component of the application to Visual WebGui, leaving the legacy .Net backend components largely unchanged.

The Visual WebGui-based solution based on Visual WebGui delivered an enhanced user experience that provides a robust, familiar, multi-tabbed performance accessible throughvia a standard web browser. Competencies, job description, review scores and other key performance related information that washad been locked away in spreadsheets becameis now available online. Workflow and Analytics now allowed managers and HR to track reviews in real time and easily follow up on late or missing information reviews.

In the process of delivering the solution, the job descriptions and competencies for those 1000 specific jobs were pulled ingathered and stored centrally. Middlesex HR now has the ability to pass the job descriptions and competencies for specific jobs to appropriate managers. Managers can suggest changes and submit them to HR online. With the new system in place, This way, HR can gather needed technical information from managers while maintaining , but still have total control of the job description repository that feeds the performance review process.

The new web based solution delivered vast overall improvements in productivity and user experience. With the former solution, late review caused additional paper work and premium payments. Now, while with the HR TMS, productivity was enhanced and the time spent by managers, employees and HR on the related activities was reduced by 30%.

"The product is easy to use. The forms are simple and are understandable. We’ve been able to customize it to our business practice. TMS personnel are extremely knowledgeable about Human Resource practice. They were able to take the day to day processes and apply it to the Performance Evaluation system. We didn’t need to change our practice to fit the system." Cindy Parker
Manager HRIS/Payroll, Middlesex Hospital
Middlesex Hospital

In addition to those improvements, administrative users can still continue using the current back-end and administration tools without acquiring new skills, which unchanged, contributesing even more to productivity since there was no additional learning curve.

Screen shots

HR TMS Performance Home Page

Multi-tabbed online Performance Review

Easy to use Analytics with Drill Down

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