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MS Office Web Apps : Artifacts on Cloud

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MS Office Web Apps : Artifacts on Cloud

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“Oops mate… do I really need to download this whole document when all I need to read is just the summary section”

How many of us have gone through that kind of experience? Perhaps by every single MS office user…at-least once.

Realizing how product dynamics are changing, companies are becoming more web-centric than ever.

MS office Web App team has launched “Office Web App Viewer” leveraging the access anywhere concept for MS Office based artifacts. The idea revolves around web users who would be able to view publicly accessible documents without actually downloading it which leads more freedom to users.

These documents may include Word, Excel or Power point formats. Imagine how it would revolutionize the way content is made available for web-audience. For instance bloggers would use OWV (office web viewer) links instead of regular download links (or both) on their blogs to cover more audience.

How it works:

“Links to download documents are converted to Office Web Viewer Links”

All these documents actually go to Microsoft Skydrive Cloud storage; hence each OWV link is a link to cloud.


  1. It’s Free.
  2. One OWV link will work for all Computers / Devices & OS Platforms.

How to get a Office Web Viewer App Link

I have a link to a PowerPoint document that is publicly accessible.


Now I would convert it to OWV Link by putting http://view.officeapps.live.com/op/view.aspx?src=  just before my publicly accessible URL.

Office Web Viewer Link: http://view.officeapps.live.com/op/view.aspx?src=http://prosarfraz.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/mongodb_twitter_webapi_semi.pptx

Notice how seamless experience it is.

Happy Artifact-ING.


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