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MS-OneNote: 10 cool features to explore

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        Whether you are a regular user of Microsoft OneNote or you have never used it and you want to start using, then the below 10 features (of my choice) might be helpful for you.  Just  have a look and if you know more features share the same. Let's share our thoughts on OneNote here.

  1. Search text in an image

 Using  the famous Ctrl+F option, you always found the documents or images insides folders, you have used the same to find a particular text inside documents also.

But how about searching some texts inside an image? Cool right!!! One note will help you to find the desired text inside a pics. Insert a few  images inside a one note page, just press Ctrl+F, you will get the below search box to the top right corner of your page (below your login ID)Image title.

Image title


Type the text you want to find within an image and hit enter.  The keyword note has been highlighted in yellow color in the image. This is one of the cool features of Microsoft OneNote.

Image title


  1. Easy MOM capturing, with immediate Emails to the participant. 

One note makes life easy during a meeting if you are the person in charge of taking MOM (Minutes Of Meeting). You can collect all your MOM as notes and can send to all the participant. Just follow the below steps.

 Step 1:Image title

Create a new page and insert the meeting details from the tab Home> Meeting Details. Once you click there you can see your meetings from Outlook because Onenote is integrated with the MS-Outlook.

 Step 2:

Once you click the meeting from the drop down, the details of the meeting will appear in the page

 Step 3:Image title

You can start writing your notes, even you can record audio/video by clicking "Email page" option from the insert menu. Once meeting is over you just need a single click to send the details to all the participants.


Step 4:Image title

Either press Ctrl+Shift+E (In Outlook 2013) or click Email Page button from the Home tab. You will get an outlook mail window with all your notes and the participant names in the To text box. Hope it’s the right time to hit the "SEND" button. 

  1. Playback audio with an Index like books

You might have created Index in MS-Word which helps to navigate through the pages. Also by looking at the index you will get information about the content. But what about an Audio file, you might have never created an Audio index page. OneNote will help you to Index your audio file as well.

Step 1:

Record an audio with OneNote or insert an audio file of your choice.

Step 2:Image title

Play the audio, and Write down keywords to match that particular timeline. Some What like in the image. Once you are done you can see small play button if you hover over the keywords.

Image title

Step 3:

You can click the small play button and it will take you to that particular timeline of the audio. So you Audio Index is ready, which you can use at a later time to navigate through the audio file.

  1. Take screen clip immediately  (Screen Clipping) 

If you are usImage titleing any screen clipping tools, you might have installed it as a program in your PC. But with the use of OneNote, you can avoid using another tool for Screen clipping and it’s simple to use as well. Just follow the below steps. 

Either you can hit Windows +N and select Screen clipping or just press Windows + s for Win-7 and Windows +Shift +s for Win-8 and you will get a selection pointer (plus mark). Just use the same to select the area that you want to take a clip for. Once you complete your selection it will ask you for sending the same to OneNote or keeping it in the clipboard. If you select the clipboard option, you can paste it anywhere you want. 

  1. Ctrl+A, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+A

 Click Anywhere on a one note page (not the blank one for sure ), and hit Ctrl + A, wait and hit Ctrl + A again, wait again and hit the same Ctrl + A. The magic here is you will select a section than a region and then entire page. Try that right now. 

  1. Press tab to create a table 

Remember the last time you inserted or designed a table in MS-Word and now see the difference by creating one in OneNote. Time to focus on the shortcut only.

Suppose your table headers are SLNO, ITEM & PRICE. Type SLNO and press tab, now write ITEM and then hit tab again, now write PRICE. The table header is ready, now press enter and start inserting the rows. Hope you liked the table. Just go to the table menu after your table creation and you will love the options for formatting. 

  1. Online clipper: Read Later 

This is a plugin for your browser. Just drag and drop it from here  to your favorites bar. Now you don't need to remember the web page, just press "Clip to OneNote" and it will be stored in one note forever. 

  1. Copy text from a picture 

Now this is a challenge for your friends to copy text from a picture  and take it to the notepad, but for you , it's just a click away…  Howzzzzz that??? So What to do...

Insert a picture, right click and  select the option “copy text from picture”. 

  1. Mathematical Calculation

Any online calculation inside your sentences or table is very easy in OneNote. The best way to test this is, just type 5+6= anywhere and hit enter. If that’s a “wow” for you try this 5*(15-6)*2=.  

  1. Best tool for collaboration

OneNote is one of the great tools for collaboration. If you use at an enterprise level then it’s a good way to communicate with your team. Share a common page of one note with each of your team. Everyone can write their views and it will be a point where you can collaborate.

 Apart from all these there are plenty of features in OneNote to explore. If you are using it in a mobile device, you can explore  apps related to MS-OneNote which will help you to work smarter.

Till the next… Keep writing and collaborating with OneNote.

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