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MuleSoft: A Strategic Initiative

New breakthroughs are a reaction to competition. Companies should be encouraging new innovations and continuously experimenting.

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In this article, we will present a success story about companies with different backgrounds and services. They were able to rise from adversity and thrive by creating new innovations. All of the innovations that were created have similar patterns and development directions. There are five major groups that this innovation comes from:

  1. Next-generation architecture implementation.

  2. Digital transformation.

  3. Monetizing digital assets.

  4. Mobile application launches.

  5. Connectivity and modernization.

The initial step of their success is an initiative. The next step is how to connect their business assets with the audience, where the connectivity takes a strategically important role for the companies. Connectivity can be realized easily and quickly through the careful implementation by following best practices. 

1. Next Generation Architecture Implementation

Nowadays, global competition is forcing every business to be able to compete, or at least survive, for business continuity. Demand is increasingly growing along with the ever-changing business climate. In this competition, they face many challenges (for example, increasing and diverse demands from customers, companies adopting digital trends such as social media, management deciding to update the system with the latest technology, or government establishing new regulations related to the current business).

The technology used and the solutions that are already owned are an integrated and interconnected approach that define the next-generation architecture. The purpose of this architecture is to switch from the traditional way to digital architecture; an architecture that prioritizes community networking capabilities through the use of social media, creating new innovations in the form of services or products, and agility in the implementation of various technologies.

Salesforce is a cloud computing company based in San Francisco, California. Its main service is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM, an approach or a way to manage the interaction between the company and current customers and potential customers in the future). More specific services are related to sales, customer service, contact data, business analysis, or marketing.

Salesforce revenue is from the CRM product. Salesforce also takes advantage of opportunities in the commercial applications of social networking through acquisitions. To smooth the business, Salesforce adopts all next-generation architecture, allowing them to move quickly in bringing new products and services to their employees and clients.

Their early initiative is quite effective. They were recruiting workers globally and acquired a lot of companies that employ a lot of new employees. To maximize the productivity of their employees quickly, Salesforce gives the workers access to the data and systems seamlessly through the support of MuleSoft. The results of this initiative, Salesforce become a most successful cloud computing provider in America, with a market capitalization of around 50 billion dollars.

2. Digital Transformation

In digital transformation, a change relates to digital technologies covering all aspects. In the business world, this change is included in the basic components such as how ops and infrastructure are used. We could say the transformation is a change of business functions through the launch of new products or services, targeting a new market segment, or the evolution of the business with the implementation of new technologies. Usually, the technology is used is to replace the traditional or manual way.

Intuit is a software company based in Mountain View, California. The company was founded in 1983 by developing financial applications and tax preparation for small businesses, accountants, and individuals. It started from a simple application that is intended for personal finance such as the family budget and is now used by more than 45 million people. It has an annual income of more than four billion dollars.

Although it has been established as a top-class company for a long time, around the years 2008 and 2009 they suffered a stagnant state. It was caused by changes in the business landscape. At that point, they decided that it was necessary to switch to the rapid implementation of IT. They need to create rapid innovation associated with their digital assets and generate new services in the cloud. Obviously, MuleSoft supports their transformation that ultimately brings benefits of more than 100 million dollars of new product innovations.

3. Monetizing Digital Asset

Digital assets are anything owned in digital form that can be accessed through computer equipment, the internet, and mobile devices. Assets can be computer data, document files, music files, videos, or anything else that can be exchanged through a computer device. Each company has different assets depending on the business they run.

Those assets will be transformed into money. It's as simple as selling or leasing the assets or allowing them to be used with a license. There are many other alternatives that could be used for this purpose, such as the implementation of a subscription schema where users pay per use or per view. Establish policies, such as Service Level Agreements (SLAs), about how to access the asset based on quantity, size, or duration as a basis for invoicing. Determine the price list by category, packages, subscriptions, memberships, and various other variations such as we find in our daily lives.

Telstra is a telecommunications company and a major electronic media in Australia. The company provides local and long-distance telephone service, mobile services, and the most-used internet access in Australia. Since its establishment until a few years ago, Telstra still focused on telecommunications services until they finally determined a new strategy to focus more on sales and service. One of the strategies is seriously preparing the service for its customer.

Telstra decided that the goal is customer service, where the service is becoming a business principle. It takes them to initiate a cooperation with many affiliates that will provide digital content to Telstra. They started to increase the use of digital channels for customer service. They launched a service for mobile billings and payments and updated the website design and online forums for customer service.

Telstra recently expanded its customer service using social media networks, thus it is known as a big company in Australia that uses Facebook and is able to provide good service. Not only that, they continue to improve the service through smartphones and various digital devices.

All can be realized by using the API to connect to various services from different partners. It's coupled with the use of the API Gateway, a service of Anypoint Platform, to manage the access to the data as described in the second paragraph above. Telstra is working with partners in the supply of digital content and share the revenue. Currently, Telstra has used digital services in more than 50% of all transactions. Approximately three million customers using digital services can save the three million dollars each month.

4. Mobile Applications Launching

Mobile applications are software applications designed to be run on mobile phones, tablet computers, or other mobile devices. Initially, the purpose of this application was to help productivity by providing information about the schedule, calculation, and correspondence. It turns out that user needs are increasingly diverse, and they wanted this application to be able to be used for other things such as games and entertainment.

The use of mobile applications has increased along with the widespread use of social media. This was followed by the trend of online shopping and online gaming. In addition, now messaging service is more than just sending a text. Users can send a message to many recipients or groups and even send photos or videos with much cheaper rates than standard communication media on mobile phones.

Global Pharma is a global specialty pharmaceutical company serving the pharmaceutical needs of nearly all the world. The company is connected with many units spread across hundreds of countries. Not only it is connected with medicine industry, but also by medical staff as users.

Global Pharma has 5,000 websites around the world that accommodate and provide products for medical staff in more than 140 countries. The newest product information can be obtained from a single centralized marketing service where the local websites get the information and then display the latest product information consistently worldwide. All professional medical workers around the world also have access through mobile applications. Through this application, they can get an offer from Global Pharma as well as probably request a sample of the medicine.

Through the implementation of a centralized integration and the launching of mobile applications, Global Pharma is able to create an information center that connects a wide variety of sources. It's able to interact actively with all users and can keep the track of interactions between users and products, cutting a lot of time for collecting data and being able to analyze it quickly. As a result, they are able to consistently increase revenue about 15%-20% per year and reduced the cost more than $500 million in one year.

5. Connectivity and Modernization

With the new development of technology today, it's not a new thing for the information system to be able to communicate with other systems. It's well-connected to both internal and external systems. This connectivity depends on the changes of business needs. Moreover, the development of cloud computing has rapidly developed, increasing the demands of agility to get connected with new services.

New services with new technology, of course, force legacy systems that still use old technology to be able to communicate with the new system. The existing systems are required to be able to keep up with the technology trends. For example, recently, many customers have been using social media and other cloud computing services. If the company is sticking with the old ways, it can lose great potential. Inevitably, the company must adapt to the habits of its consumers. Here, we can see how the need to ensure that assets that are built into old technology must be able to connect to the audience which using the new technologies.

The emergence of new technologies that facilitate users also may cause rejection of the use of the current system because users are tempted to turn to the implementation of new technologies with the conveniences offered. The implementation of new technologies not only connects a new system to support the business but also increases productivity.

It is not easy to replace the old system with a new one. Most likely, the old system is stable and capable of processing every business need. This system becomes the backbone of the business that cannot be replaced. The only way to keep following the growth of new technology is a modernization.

UCSF Medical Center is a hospital in San Francisco, California. It is one of the leading hospitals in the United States. This hospital has become a referral of patients from different countries with a variety of complex diseases. Working closely with the University of California makes it a center of medical research and treatment with various capabilities.

Generally, UCSF serves more than 25 thousand hospitalizations and more than 600 wards. They perform outpatient surgery for more than ten thousand patients and handle more than 35 thousand cases of emergencies. Not to mention the non-clinical services and other clinics, including more than 180 children's wards. As an academic medical center and health, UCSF has many medical personnel who serve tens of thousands of patients.

UCSF launched a new mobile service, CareWeb, which accommodates patient information. This service collects patient data from various systems, clinical and non-clinical, then provides this information to the healthcare professional when interacting with patients, either through a mobile application or web service. On the another hand, patients also have access to online medical record information. Looking at the results of laboratory tests, performing appointments, performing registration to the clinic – everything can be done independently and free of charge.

As a result, UCSF Medical Center is a primary hospital and has won an award as one of the best hospitals. It also receives donations of more than 100 million dollars and has an estimated gross revenue of more than six billion dollars.

Mitrais is the largest software development company in Indonesia. The company has hospital information systems called MMS-Hospital ERP Software and MMS-Industrial-Employee Healthcare Management System. Currently, it is serving some hospitals in the mining area and developing its services to the general hospital.

Mitrais continues to develop the MMS products to improve its ability to integrate with other medical systems. MMS can communicate with the laboratory information system using HL7 as a standard communication format. MMS is also able to communicate with radiology information systems and other medical devices using HL7 and DICOM.

In addition, Mitrais also develop integration with various financial systems. The result is that MMS has been able to communicate with many other financial systems. With this capability, the financial transactions can be managed by the internal system or handed over to external financial systems, so they can focus on healthcare services. MMS is able to communicate with common financial systems such as MYOB and Salesforce. By using Anypoint Platform, ideally, this system is able to integrate with any application.


Business competition does not provide opportunities for businesses to remain silent. Innovation is needed to survive. New breakthroughs are produced as a manifestation of the reaction to the competition. This has been shown through the initiative of the above companies to improve services and new processes. Encourage the new innovations and keep experimenting. Cooperate in selling services or products through an affiliate. Creating a standard makes the procedure the same for all business units from different countries and improves relationships with customers through an integrated information network.

How can companies realize their initiatives? They link their assets to their audience through an initiative to change the future of their business and see connectivity as an important strategic role to make it happen.

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