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MuleSoft Acquires ProgrammableWeb

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MuleSoft Acquires ProgrammableWeb

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I am excited to share the news that MuleSoft has acquired ProgrammableWeb. This combination brings together the world’s most widely used integration platform with the world’s most authoritative voice and community for APIs.

ProgrammableWeb was founded in 2005 and has been the pioneering authority on APIs, providing a comprehensive directory, daily industry news, analysis, case studies, tools and technical resources. By providing an independent voice for APIs, ProgrammableWeb has managed to foster the world’s largest and most active API-centric community.

So, why ProgrammableWeb and MuleSoft?

APIs – making the Web programmable

MuleSoft is transforming the technology industry, and APIs are critical to this transformation. We had been tracking ProgrammableWeb for a long time, and we were very excited for the opportunity to make this important acquisition. With ProgrammableWeb, we will drive even greater accessibility and awareness of APIs and improve our ability to deliver richer and more relevant content to our users and to API developers and providers. This is a significant step towards the realization of our vision to connect the New Enterprise.

We are only beginning to see the impact of APIs. The usefulness of APIs will grow exponentially as cloud computing, Big Data and connected devices shape the technology landscape. This is the era of the New Enterprise, where winning or losing is based on connecting customers, partners, suppliers, employees, applications, data and devices into a single integrated entity.

APIs are the linchpins of the New Enterprise. They let a mobile app connect to an airline reservation system and a DVD player download a movie. They allow a doctor to remotely monitor a patient’s blood pressure and an inventory system to tweet when a new shipment has arrived. APIs tell our watches when the surf is up and tell a parent the location of their teenager. APIs can reduce air conditioning demands when power is scarce and apply the brakes to avoid a collision. Everything is becoming hyperconnected, and it’s all enabled by APIs.

ProgrammableWeb and MuleSoft – a great mashup

Our acquisition of ProgrammableWeb underscores a significant step towards the realization of our vision of being the next generation platform for the New Enterprise, with a complete end-to-end solution for APIs, from creation to publishing, integration, management and driving developer adoption and ecosystems for APIs

As you may know, last fall we launched APIhub, the next generation API publishing platform with the world’s largest API repository. By joining forces, ProgrammableWeb and APIhub will deliver even richer and more relevant content to API consumers, and will provide the world’s leading platform for publishing APIs. Both API publishers and consumers will continue to enjoy the benefits of ProgrammableWeb while taking advantage of the API consumption, publishing and management platform that APIhub provides.

We’re looking forward to working with the ProgrammableWeb team to make ProgrammableWeb even stronger. ProgrammableWeb will be run autonomously as we to continue to build the world’s leading API consumption and publishing platform. The user community is ProgrammableWeb’s strongest asset, and MuleSoft will continue to foster the founding team’s vision as the leading resource for APIs.

ProgrammableWeb was founded with a mission to turn the Web into the world’s most powerful application platform through the use of open APIs. This is foundational and aligned with MuleSoft’s mission to connect the New Enterprise. We’re excited to work alongside the great ProgrammableWeb team to build on these ideas and make our joint vision a reality.


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