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Principles that Make Change Management Successful

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Principles that Make Change Management Successful

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Every organization has to undergo change at some point or the other. Change is inevitable and even though it may not have been initiated consciously, it is possible to gauge with a casual observation that an organization may have undergone several changes within a given time frame. A company would have gone through all kinds of changes that include changes of manpower, organization, diversification and so on. Change is never an easy process. There will be a lot of resistance to change but if the company has to evolve and maintain its competence in the market it will have to bring about change and introduce it in such a way that there is as minimum conflict as possible.

Change does not make any difference to the movable and immovable assets of any organization. It is the people that always have issues with change. In order to make a smooth transition it is very important to address the people issues first. People need to be engaged into the process and they should be made a part of the change process. Expectation for change should be based on an assessment of the organization’s history and its capacity to change. Unlike what is usually assumed, change is traumatic to all levels in an organization. I do my profession as a professional writer and marketing and management essays  are my top two areas. . As part of my work I have to research and write about such topics and my experiences are also contributed to add views to this change management piece. Bosses feel the fear too and they must be the first to embrace the change. Usually in an organization when people look up to their leaders and mangers they prefer to see people in control and when that happens, change will be easier.

Change in an organization means that new leaders will emerge and existing ones may have to share their leadership domains. Every level of hierarchy must be scanned for potential leaders and they should be brought to the forefront. When more people are involved in the change they will help in increasing the momentum of the process. Such a process will lead to what is commonly referred to as a cascading leadership where the change flows from the top level of a few individuals to the entire organization. A formal case for change needs to be made because people will tend to question the need for change as well as the quantum of change that is expected. It would be a very good idea to come up with a suitable vision statement that will voice the expectation of the company.

Any change movement must be grounded in reality. There must be a realistic expectation and only when it is firmly rooted in reality will it be easy to engage the entire organization. Sceptics need to be convinced that the change is inevitable and necessary for the long term benefit of the organization. This can be one only when the process of change is rooted in reality. There also needs to be a continuous channel of communication. An error that is often committed is that the top level managers assume that the grass root level employees understand and empathise with their idea of change and do not communicate. This is a wrong move and should be avoided. Communication must be done through multiple channels.

Culture is a very important factor when it comes to change management. Conducting a cultural diagnosis can effectively gauge the organization’s willingness and ability to adapt to change. Once the issues have been identified they should be include in the change program and be a part of the change management process. Every change management team should be prepared for the unexpected and to face all situations. There can be areas of unexpected resistance and the change management should also factor in this aspect. Change is as much an individual’s journey as it is an organization’s. Individuals must also be taken into account and brought into the change management process. As long as the ideas expressed in this article are followed, change management should be a relatively easy process.


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