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Mux Helps Developers Integrate Video with a Simple API

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Mux Helps Developers Integrate Video with a Simple API

With videos quickly becoming the world's most consumed medium, one company aims for it to no longer be an expensive hassle for web developers.

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As a marketer by trade, I know the importance of video to business and consumers. A C-level executive is seven-times more likely to watch a video than they are to download a whitepaper.

As an unskilled DIYer, YouTube has shown me how to fix things I would not have attempted in the past.

That's why it was exciting to meet Jon Dahl, Co-founder and CEO, and Steve Heffernan, Co-founder and Head of Product for Mux, a provider of APIs for video hosting and streaming that makes video simpler and easier for every development team and improves the user experience (UX).

Jon and Steve have been involved with video technology since 2008. They introduced video transcoding to the cloud with Zencoder that was sold to BrightCove in 2012. They also helped introduce the world to HTML5 video with VideoJS–HTML5 video player.

They started Mux to improve the online video experience for viewers and enable developers to seamlessly build video with simple APIs. As watch times for NetFlix and YouTube continue to grow it's obvious that consumers' demand for video, from all of their information and social media channels, will continue to grow.

Mux Video is powered by Mux Data, which helps video publishers optimize performance based on the details of the viewer experience including the geographic location of the content and the viewer. It also optimizes the path for compression which saves time and money for video publishers and improves Quality of Experience for the viewers.

A distributed process enables Mux Video to use multiple servers and pre-transcode content which saves on hosting and transcoding for user-generated content (UGC) and provides just-in-time transcoding so content that is not being watched on certain devices is not being transcoded for those devices.

Developers can try Mux Video on the website by posting a URL of any video file. Mux ingests the file, creates the video asset, and prepares it for streaming. It creates the correct rendition for the device and the bandwidth and facilitates integration with any video player. Mux Video reduces costs while significantly improving video quality, time to publish, and streaming performance.

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