MVB Spotlight: Yegor Bugayenko

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MVB Spotlight: Yegor Bugayenko

This month we spotlight Yegor Bugayenko to learn more about his background and his unique methodology.

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Yegor Bugayenko has been part of the DZone MVB team for almost two years and his writings cover a wide variety of topics related to the software industry. Yegor is the CTO of a custom software development firm (Teamed.io), a frequent conference speaker on the international circuit, and he also still finds time to code regularly. He is passionate about software quality, which is evident to those who read his work. 

DZone: Tell our readers a bit about your background.

Yegor:  I created my first software when I was 12 years old and it didn't work. There was a lot of frustration and it stayed with me since then. Most of the software I was making since then was not working as I wanted them to work. To find a way to solve that annoying problem I got a Masters Degree in Computer Science, tried to get a PhD degree, published a few academic papers, founded a software company, filed a number of US patents, wrote some open source Java libraries, got a few valuable certifications (including PMP and OCMEA), spoke at many software conferences, wrote a few hundred articles on my blog, but none of that actually helped. The software is still not of a quality I want to achieve. I'm planning to do more, maybe will help.

DZone: How long have you been a writer?

Yegor:  My academic paper was published when I was 22 years old, but the writing you're talking about started just two years ago. That's when I created my blog. I write and publish about two articles every week. Also, I wrote a book "Elegant Objects" about object-oriented programming and I'm planning to write more books soon.

DZone: Are there any technical blogs that you read regularly?

Yegor: I pay attention to ThoughtWorks Radar, Martin Fowler's blog, Jeff Atwood's blog and I'm a regular reader of StackOverflow questions, which are sometimes much more effective than blogs.

DZone: In your writing, you are not afraid to provide strong and sometimes negative opinions. Do you use this same communication style in your business dealings with clients?

Yegor: I appreciate honesty above all. I'm not really a fan of politics and shallow smiles. If something is wrong, I believe it's better to say it right away and let others fix the problem. I really like when others do the same with me. You can read some of my blog articles about OOP and see how negative some of the comments are below them. These negative readers are my best readers because they help me improve myself.

DZone: Your DZone bio says that you are CTO/co-founder of Teamed.io, which you describe as a "custom software development company with a unique management methodologyā€¯. What can you tell us about the work that Teamed.io does, and what is unique about the methodology?

Yegor: Our methodology is indeed absolutely unique. It is called eXtremely Distributed Software Development (XDSD) and we invented it. The core idea is that all our programmers are paid only for the results they deliver, not for the time they spend. Moreover, we discourage any informal communications between them and don't have any meetings, Skype calls, emails or phone calls. All our projects are managed and controlled in GitHub. We basically brought the best practices of open source development to commercial programming. Find out more about it at www.xdsd.org

DZone: How do you manage to balance your writing, your busy conference schedule, and your work?

Yegor: I don't know. I've heard someone saying that, "I love holidays because nobody bothers me and I can work quietly." That's exactly about me.

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