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My Commentary on the Silverlight brouhaha

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My Commentary on the Silverlight brouhaha

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Anyone reading this knows I go by the AKA "WynApse". I've used it since Windows was a puppy, we still had "DOS Apps" and "Win Apps", and I needed a business name for selling my shareware. I only re-state that obvious because I want to make it clear that you're only going to see me on a forum with that name.

That being said, you may or may not have not noticed, but I don't visit the forums. I don't because there are folks that seem to camp out there that are way better suited to answer questions than me on those sorts of forums. The other sort of forum where people get on and snipe back and forth at each other over their religious right to choose a particular technology over another is a waste of my time.

Unless you've been under a rock, or on my type of vacation (in the woods, isolated, and off the grid), you already know all the chatter, angst, glee, sorrow, I-told-you-so, and etc. that's been going on surrounding Silverlight.

I chose to make a statement Saturday morning, and have tried to avoid anything else public.

It appears my readers think I should do more as an email this morning stated my silence on this is "unthinkable".

I'm not sure I agree with that, but after thinking about it for a bit, I thought what the heck, I'll talk around it...

I think I'm pretty good at predicting when the horse I'm riding is getting ready to drop. The number of companies I've worked at since getting my Masters Degree in January of 1977 comes to 14.

Based on the record of bailing when required, I'm not bailing on Silverlight.

All the Commentary

I also see no need to add to, or repeat via link all the commentary that's going on.

Who knows, maybe the direction of Silverlight really has changed, but I think the future of Silverlight is still bright.

If you read some of my older writing, you'll see a common thread of talking about "Islands of Silverlight" on a web page. My thoughts on that subject have not changed over the last 3 years.

WynApse.com and SilverlightCream are NOT Silverlight applications... There has been plenty of time for me to do that, and yet I see no reason to do so.

WynApse.com has a couple "Islands" of Silverlight on the Master Page, one of which is Silverlight 1.0 OutlookBar that gets fed by a webservice. You can open/close the buttons and rearrange them at will... and yet it's just a spot on the right-hand sidebar.

Use the right tool for the right job... if that means Silverlight Islands on HTML5 pages, what the heck...

I'm not a Fortune Teller

As much as I'd like to spin up the Dionne Warwick module and tell everyone exactly what is going on and what's going to happen, I can't do that... if I could, I'd be independently wealthy, sitting in a cabin next to a private trout lake having 'princess' bring me another of those drinks with an umbrella in it.

What I can tell you is that there are a lot of people that aren't saying the things you'd like to hear... how's that for obvious? ... and for those of us in the trenches... it comes down to two things, 1) we don't know anymore than you do, or 2) The first rule of Fight Club.

She's not even warming up

Hang in there... the fat lady's not singing, and she's not even in the building... I know Silverlight got harder to sell, but it ain't dead... just take the link on the graphic at the top of this page... catch the Firestarter live stream on Dec 2, or better yet... come to Redmond with us, hang out, drink the Kool-Aide :)

As for me, business as usual, posting @SilverlightNews and SilverlightCream blog.

Thanks for following and reading my ramblings... unless something outrageous happens, there'll be a new SC tonight... and dang we're getting close to 1000 of them aren't we ??

And whatever you do...
Stay in the 'Light!

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