MyEclipse Provides New Products and Updates for Java Developers

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MyEclipse Provides New Products and Updates for Java Developers

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This week at EclipseCon, Genuitec make three announcements covering two existing product upgrades and one new product. These announcements cover: 

  1. MyEclipse For Spring
    New software with Spring auto-building technology from Skyway Software. Essentially, an IDE as powerful as IBM Rational with Spring scaffolding technology. Costs $200 with a production release available on March 30.
  2. MyEclipse Blue Edition 8.5 - For IBM WebSphere
    Now has much requested Linux support and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) dashboard included for team collaboration. Costs $150 and is available on March 24.
  3. MyEclipse Standard and Pro 8.5
    A new ALM platform for managing tools, projects, teams, software delivery and updates. Spring 3.0 also included, costs $30 for the Standard and $60 for the Pro editions and is available on March 23.


With MyEclipse for Spring, Genuitec and Skyway Software, an expert Spring development solutions company developed this product together to deliver a set of advanced accelerators for Spring development, including scaffolding, project bootstrapping and enhanced development editors.

“Our goal was to give millions of valued users a full-featured, intuitive Spring development solution,” said Todd Williams, vice president of technology for Genuitec. “With the production release of MyEclipse for Spring, we feel that we have achieved that goal. Developers who are using Spring-based tools to create Web applications now have access to some of the industry’s most advanced development accelerators.”

The most widely anticipated feature of the new product is the Spring MVC Scaffolding functionality. Scaffolding allows developers to generate ready-to-run Spring applications from existing artifacts such as database schemas, Java Beans, and JPA entities.

Another key feature is the Spring Web Flow Editor. Within MyEclipse for Spring, developers can add Spring Web Flow support to a project and then visually configure the flow of an application.

Other capabilities include Spring project bootstrapping, for quickly creating Spring configuration files and adding dependencies, and additional Spring development editors, for simplified configuration of things like Services, Controllers and Web Services.

"Our value proposition is simple: increased speed in Spring application delivery. What used to take a developer hours, days or even weeks to do, can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes with MyEclipse for Spring,“ said Jack Kennedy, vice president of product delivery for Skyway Software. “New Spring developers are able to quickly and easily build advanced applications, while experienced Spring users will find MyEclipse for Spring highly flexible and easy to use.”

The MyEclipse Blue Edition 8.5 release is built to operate seamlessly on Linux operating systems, includes WebSphere data source editing tools and features Genuitec's Collaboration Application Lifecycle Management (C/ALM) technologies.

“MyEclipse Blue Edition now includes support for Linux, furthering the options for developers and decreasing the barriers they face with operating system constraints. These are the types of choices that are allowing more enterprises to remove their dependency on Rational tools to manage their WebSphere stack and collaborate effectively,” said Todd Williams, vice president of technology for Genuitec. “Additionally, with the new collaborative features included in Blue, IBM customers feeling stuck with Rational tools to deliver software have a next-generation technology at their fingertips – all for a fraction of Rational’s high costs.”

Finally, MyEclipse 8.5 release is built to support enterprises and empower developers focused on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) by providing a robust platform for managing tools, projects, teams, software delivery and updates. The release also supports Spring 3.0, popular persistence frameworks updates and expands coverage for server connectors .

“MyEclipse is a one-of-a-kind technology that encompasses not only the development tooling, but also provides persistent, team-focused ALM features,” said Todd Williams, vice president of technology for Genuitec. “With the power to visualize the progress of projects and the ability to look at what team members are doing with those projects, MyEclipse not only helps developers create software, but helps them manage it as well.”

MyEclipse has also updated persistence tooling, with the inclusion of Spring 3.0 and Hibernate 3.3, allowing users to reverse engineer, deploy and run applications using the most recent production release of these frameworks.

MyEclipse continues to expand its server coverage with new connectors for Glassfish 3, JBoss 6, Resin 4, Jetty 7, JOnAS 5, Spring tc Server and Sun Java System Web Server 7.

“In the past three months, our team has created the newly-released MyEclipse for Spring in partnership with Skyway Software as well as delivering MyEclipse customers infused team collaboration technologies through Pulse,” said Brian Fernandes, MyEclipse product manager for Genuitec. “If you haven't checked out MyEclipse in a while, it's a whole new, powerful product – and still at the industry’s most overwhelming value.”

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