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Mylyn Makes VersionOne Connection

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Mylyn Makes VersionOne Connection

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Tasktop just announced a newly certified Eclipse Mylyn connector for another enterprise-level agile management suite.  In March 2010 Tasktop Pro will release a Mylyn connector for VersionOne's Agile project management platform.  With this announcement, VersionOne joins ScrumWorks, Gmail, and ThoughtWorks Studios' Mingle as a platform for Tasktop's Task-Driven Development (TDD) software.  

The VersionOne connector will be available as a free plugin for any Eclipse-based IDE or as a standalone desktop application with Tasktop Pro, which gives users offline access to VersionOne stories, defects, and tasks.  The Mylyn connecter will allow developers to harness the open and extensible VersionOne project management platform.  VersionOne's site reveals a host of Agile Platform integrations.  The connector will take advantage of VersionOne's agile management tools, which are extended with a REST web service API and open source SDKs for Java and .NET.  This is extensibility is essential for integration with an organization's unique tool stack.  

Another big advantage of having a Mylyn connector is the greater support for more complex development environments.  Mylyn currently has 42 connectors, which means development teams can move and link artifacts across all of those systems within the Eclipse IDE.  In March, VersionOne will be interoperable with that ecosystem of tools.  If developers use Tasktop Pro to integrate with VersionOne, artifacts can then be linked to local documents, web pages, and other applications.  Robert C. Holler, the VersionOne president and CEO gives an example: "Users will be able to create a user story within VersionOne from an email or link a VersionOne story with a dependent defect in Bugzilla."

VersionOne teams that use the Mylyn connector will be able to sift through the most relevant source code for a story, defect, or task, reducing information overload for large-scale development projects.  The integration will give team leads and product owners real-time visibility of development activites.  Mylyn creator and Tasktop Technologies CEO Mik Kersten said in an interview, "Agile and Lean methods are promising big returns, but there's no way an organization can see those returns if the developers are not working with the tools, keeping the ALM [application lifecycle management] systems updated, and tracking their work. There's a disconnect, but it's hard to blame developers when they've been told to adopt a tool that's not integrated with the way they write code."  Kersten's mission is to focus on integrating the Task Management and Project Management layers of the Software Development Lifecycle.  By connecting developer-approved tools like Tasktop Pro and Mylyn to the project management tools of agile software companies like VersionOne, he believes companies can implement agile methodologies from the bottom up.

To make your request for a Mylyn connector with Tasktop go here.  You can see the functionality that Tasktop Pro adds to Mylyn on the Tasktop site. You can also take Tasktop Pro for a free test-drive.

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