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myPhoneDesktop 1.8 - Released. Now with support of multiple SMS recipients

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myPhoneDesktop 1.8 - Released. Now with support of multiple SMS recipients

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I am very happy to let you know that myPhoneDesktop v1.8 has been released with new and exciting features like group SMS sending, Mac OSX Dockless mode, better support for Navigation apps and much more...

myPhoneDesktop is a universal app and a perfect companion for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as it crosses huge information sharing gap between your Desktop or Web browser and your iDevice. As result, you can use myPhoneDesktop's full-featured Web or Desktop clients to make Phone Calls, send long SMS, copy large amounts of Text, send long and complicated to retype URLs or store images on your iDevice.

myPhoneDesktops' powers not limited by built-in functionality of iDevice. myPhoneDesktop makes it easier to use third-party apps directly from your Desktop. You can add tasks to to-do apps like InstaTodo or Appigo Todo; Send address or geo-location to NAVIGON MobileNavigator or MotionX-GPS Drive; Send SMS or make Phone Calls using Google Voice and much, much more...

According to Gizmodo: "MyPhoneDesktop Links Your Computer and iDevice the Way Apple Should Have..."

myPhoneDesktop provides an easy and effective way to work with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch directly from your desktop. Whether you need to make a phone call, send a long SMS, copy a large amount of text, send a long and complicated to retype URL, open route in mobile Google Map, or store an image on your iPad or iPhone, myPhoneDesktop greatly streamlines your workflow. There are many ways you can use myPhoneDesktop to send content to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.


myPhoneDesktop leverages full power of Java technologies to build complex multi-platform and multiple clients solution:


Send Images or Photos to your iPhone from any application or web browser…

myPhoneDesktop runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and works with all major web browsers. The software supports iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices running iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later. You can purchase myPhoneDesktop online from the Apple's App Store. For more information, visit http://www.myphonedesktop.com/.


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