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MySQL vs. MongoDB: The Complete Edition

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MySQL vs. MongoDB: The Complete Edition

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 The Simple Comparison of Key-Value Stores

 Faster and faster, that is what we want from our databases. And the biggest roadblock for the MySQL Dragster is the speed of the hard disk, right?

Corrections and Additions to my Simple Key-Value Store Tests

This is the first follow-up to my post on a simple test of KVS alternatives. To recap, I tested a simple single table schema in MySQL using the NDB and InnoDB storage engines. 

MySQL as a KVS - Some Background More Tests

You might have seen my attempts at testing MySQL as a Key Value Store (KVS) (here and here), i.e. used like MongoDB, and I have had some comments to those.

MySQL Cluster / NDB as a key value store - Better results this time

Following up on my series of "how much performance do I get when I access RAM only", the most recent post being this, and as you can see there, MySQL didn't really perform that well. 

MySQL Cluster Performance Revisited - tcmalloc Kicks Some A**

 My now long-running series of posts on getting max performance from a very simple MySQL Cluster setup (see details here) is continuing here.

MySQL Cluster Performance Up Again, or CLIENT_COMPRESS Harmful?

Looking at my benchmarking code, I realized I used the CLIENT_COMPRESS flag when I connected to MySQL and it may be harmful... find out more!

How MySQL Can Finally Kick Some MongoDB ****

If you've followed my KVS series, you'll know that I've tried and failed in my attempt but that hasn't stopped me yet.  Here's the answer to my question:  What's the client/server protocol?

MySQL as a KVS vs. MongoDB: MySQL Beats Mongo by 62K Rows/Sec.

The last time I used MySQL Embedded Library to bypass the MySQL Client Server protocol to see what the overhead was, and the result was that it is big 

Curator's note:  The author of this series is: Anders Karlsson

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