N1QL = SQL + JSON : A Practical Guide

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N1QL = SQL + JSON : A Practical Guide

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N1QL is designed to help developers easily develop applications to solve real world problems. Technically, N1QL is designed to give developers and enterprises an expressive, powerful, and complete language for querying, transforming, and manipulating JSON data. N1QL takes inspiration from SQL and extends SQL to handle flexible, nested structures of JSON.

This book is a compilation of DZone articles on NoSQL concepts, N1QL features, optimization techniques, tools and use cases, written by the Couchbase N1QL R&D team and solution team. This makes it a bit more practical for readers who enjoy reading by sub-topics.

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N1QL: A Practicle Guide

Table of Contents

Enterprise Jobs to Be Done by Gerald Sangudi and Keshav Murthy

Query on JSON



Use Cases

Monitoring and Tooling

Migration and Competition

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