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Nail Down the Checklist for Mobile App Marketing

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Nail Down the Checklist for Mobile App Marketing

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Today mera mobile app development is not necessarily a sure way to success, but enough marketing efforts in app marketplaces and elsewhere are guaranteed a better hit and high ROI for your app adventure. Therefore, the development team should have enough knowledge of mobile marketplaces and trends in mobile marketing. They should also have the ability to amalgamate them into their mobile application development process successfully. There are certain things that need consideration in app marketing so let’s explore them and see five main checklists.

#1. Visual Appeal of the Mobile App

Attraction at first sight is a vital part of human psychology and convinces customers or users in all sorts of businesses and professions to pursue products or services easily. Therefore, all kinds of marketing people rush to win the battle of "love at first sight" from the consumers by applying various techniques.

The same equations are true in mobile app development and marketing efforts. Therefore, don’t forget to check the visual appeal of your mobile applications and real user experiences when you do final testing of mobile app prior to sent it for app market approval or unveil/publish in the open market.

UI & UX designers and should assure that all UI elements are alluring and offering meaningful user experiences. If you have used proper icons for your app in market place and sumptuous screenshots taken at professional point of views, your chances of securing good conversion are high at the end.

Great Icons

If you use smart icons that represent functionality of apps accurately, you have done half of your convincing work to increase your download. Never try to use company logo as icon or any other abstract icon to spoil the charm. If you want to be more precise, run some A/B Tests on your icon using banners or within other apps.

Sumptuous Screenshots

We know one image is equal to a thousand words so take screenshots that can tell your app stories perfectly and eye candy ways. Different app market places allow different number of screenshots per app but average five to eight are enough.

If you are smart enough and illustrate all major features and functionality in your app screenshots, it may ease your users/visitors to convince quickly that whether your app is befitting their criteria or not.

To take fine screenshots, you need not to be a good photographer or graphics designer to make them professional and attractive. There is other software available to help you edit your screenshots on the fly and let you add a desired depth in them so they become enticing and strong enough to focus attentions of onlookers on your destined parts.

In short, take some pains to learn a few lessons to make your mobile app and its presentation in app market place alluring and convincing as well as adaptive to the latest mobile OS as well as future OS during further updates in coming days.

#2: Conversion Optimization of the Mobile App

Mobile app description in marketplace can lay the solid foundation of conversion at first place. Write short and sweet description with inclusion of your golden app keywords, of course, restrict up to five times otherwise, it will prove keyword stuffing. Deliver main message, app functionality, and app purposes in concise but comprehensive manner. Focus on first few lines of description more because they are easily visible across the multiple screens including smartphone screens.

Use marketing language right away straightly to trigger call-to-action and push visitors to download it and install it. If possible, take help of content writer or copywriter professionals to get an edge over competition. If you have created landing page for your app, take advantage of it and send users to get details that you are not able to include in your app market description due to space constraints.

App cross promotion is another good idea to win good conversion rate. For instance, Rovio, Halfbrick, SuperCell, etc. are using the same technique frequently. Offering marketing incentives for each new download and make them referral for others. Use video channels by creating stunning video based on animated app screen to educate visitors to take maximum advantage of your app.

If possible, release Lite version of app first and push users to purchase full version once they satisfy with it so you will have high retention rate and longer downloading record with good ROI.

#3: App Store Ranking of the Mobile App

Each app store has their own algorithm, but many ranking factors are common and applicable everywhere such as:

Search Visibility is playing vital role in app store as app store algorithm counts and put much stress on number of download so focus your app marketing strategies to increase your app download rate. Logically app store visibility rate differentiate success and failure by app withering activities if download rate is low.

App visibility needs solid keyword research skills, efforts, and inclusion in title as well as description in natural ways. For instance, short title and good tag line in game app presentation are winning factors in all app stores. If you carefully dig the activities of your fast competitors, they might provide you good clues and keywords with the least efforts. If nothing is there, then you will learn one or two lessons from their mistakes too.

There is app usability, user experiences, and other factors determine the app conversion rates including globalization along with localization. Moreover, try to garner more positive and stellar reviews and five star ratings so it can boost your ranking rapidly.

Take help of social channels and influential people through effective blogging to create buzzword in the market prior and after the release or approval of your mobile app.

#4: Viral Marketing of the Mobile App

As discussed above social media marketing of your app add viral growth in your app marketing campaign. If your app has solid technicality, user experiences, usability, and your constant support system, there is no reason to stop its viral spread through mouth-to-mouth marketing.

Freemium and logical incentive can add more spices in the recipes of your app marketing and viral spread.

#5: Analytics and Analysis of the Mobile App

Successful app marketing is a persistent and continuous activity so keep track of your app through the latest tools of analytics and analysis. If you follow right metrics and get insights in the app usage in real world by real users, you have good chances to iterate and update your app for better ROI.

Keep your eyes on rating and reviews to catch crashes and bugs before they eat you in the marketplaces. If you face false negative reviews due to your competitors, hire marketing experts to prevent and repair damage from them. If you can use modern tools to trace each activity and behavior of your app users, be it in lite version or in paid version, you will have good plan to access easy success for current as well as future apps.


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