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Nanomsg, the Next Gen ZeroMQ, is Here

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Nanomsg, the Next Gen ZeroMQ, is Here

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Martin Sustrik, one of the co-creators of ZeroMQ, has been working on a new messaging library called Nanomsg to surpass the lightweight power of ZeroMQ.  You could almost think about Nanomsg as ZeroMQ–the sequel.

nanomsg library is a high-performance implementation of several "scalability protocols". Scalability protocol's job is to define how multiple applications communicate to form a single distributed application. Implementation of following scalability protocols is available at the moment:

   •   PAIR - simple one-to-one communication
   •   BUS - simple many-to-many communication
   •   REQREP - allows to build clusters of stateless services to process user requests
   •   PUBSUB - distributes messages to large sets of interested subscribers
   •   FANIN - aggregates messages from multiple sources
   •   FANOUT - load balances messages among many destinations
   •   SURVEY - allows to query state of multiple applications in a single go

-- nanomsg.org

This week, Sustrik introduced the very first public release of Nanomsg – alpha version 0.1.

Nanomsg supports INPROC, IPC and TCP protocols.  It is also released under the more permissive MIT-license, which is a big part of why Sustrik wanted to break off from the ZeroMQ project. 

Check out his announcement on freelists.org, which outlines the new features compared to ZeroMQ. 

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