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A Common Platform for Java and Natural Developers

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Anyone who understands the monumental task of rewriting an enterprise's legacy applications knows that the fourth-generation languages made in the '70s are still significant today.  4GLs like Software AG's Natural still have a substantial number of application deployments.  For this reason, Software AG released it's NaturalONE IDE to provide a common platform for Natural and Java developers.  The Eclipse-based IDE is available today, allowing Natural and Java developers to expose Natural objects as web services and build rich UIs.

Software AG created Natural nearly 35 years ago in order to compete with COBOL.  It was one of the most successful 4GLs and it has the largest install base behind COBOL.  The language still maintains a strong presence in Europe and can be found in many North American government systems.  Natural applications can run on mainframes or platforms such as Unix, Linux, and Windows.

Software AG believes its new product will help Java developers work with Natural to maintain and update legacy applications.  The company integrated Natural's toolset with Eclipse so that its language could share an environment with Java and appeal to a large group of developers.  If Java programmers learn Natural's syntax, they can easily conduct Natural application maintenance using NaturalONE.  The new IDE also provides a similar developer experience for Java and Natural programmers.

Legacy applications are still the reliable foundations of many modern enterprises.  Natural applications are laced throughout multiple industries and enterprises such as airlines, government, and financial services.  Even after 35 years, Natural can be used to build modern systems that support SOA and BPM (Business Process Management).  Companies such as Oracle, IBM, and Adabas have databases that are supported by NaturalONE.  

The Natural offerings from Software AG including Natural for AJAX, Natural Business Services, and Natural for Eclipse are consolidated into the NatualONE package.  This gives Natural users an AJAX interface and the ability to create web services with point-and-click methods.  The new IDE uses the eighth version of the Natural runtime.  

A free trial of NaturalONE is available along with a commercial license at $1,500 per seat with support included.  That price is good until the end of the year.

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