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Automated Control System Development on the NetBeans Platform

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Automated Control System Development on the NetBeans Platform

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Silver Solution Studio (S3) is an easy and convenient development environment and higly portable runtime, unified for all functions and all levels of Automated Control Systems. It is created by RTS-Soft, the dedicated outsourcing division of RTS-Ukraine.

Target Audience

The typical users are system integrators or companies who specialize in the development of data acquisition and control systems, mainly in the industrial automation domain. The main benefit which S3 gives them is the ability to create really reliable and very heterogeneous systems which can include, for example, distributed networks of controllers on QNX RTOS, human machine interfaces on Linux or Solaris workstations, OPC servers on Windows and remote Modbus devices.

The user just works with the different data sources and can easily change system configuration without any hard coding, just by means of a few mouse clicks. It significantly reduces the cost of the development and deployment process.

NetBeans Platform

We were looking for a reliable and professional application platform when starting this project. The most important criteria for us were flexibility, modularity, Swing based, good documentation, and advanced community.

We considered many platforms and even thought about writing our own similar framework, but fortunately found that the NetBeans Platform fulfils all our requirements. Using this platform, we can reduce the total cost of the development process and easily add new custom functionality without changing the existing code. We have been using this platform for more than 4 years and now it's our choice as the basis of all of our products.




The main features of S3:

  • Supports distributed over network field of tags which is unified for all Programmable Automation Controlles (PACs) and network nodes.

  • Supports distributed SQL database for process data, logs and reports.

  • In addition, it supports HMI dashboads under QNX 6 RTOS.  

  • OPC server provides connectivity with Windows based SCADAs. This server can automatically detect PACs and download OPC tags from them with all necessary information. These features dramatically speed up and simplify a deployment of complex multilevel ACS/ERP/MRP systems.

  • It has embedded IEC-61131-3 softlogic with ST (Structured Text),  SFC(Sequential Function Chart) and FBD (Functional Block Diagram) languages.

  • Helps to create data visualisation screens using advanced graphical editors.

Original, fast, and robust, the RtLogix virtual machine can execute IEC-61131 programmes at any ANSI C hardware platform and doesn't require any third party development tools, compilers, or libraries.

More information can be found here.


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