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Beta Release of the WorkieTalkie NetBeans Plugin!

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Beta release of the WorkieTalkie NetBeans plugin is out! 

WorkieTalkie is a NetBeans chat plugin, based on Jabber and Smack API, that allows you to chat with your friends while you're doing some work in NetBeans IDE.

Get it and try it from the NetBeans plugin portal!


Detailed instructions are available in the Userguide.

Project home is at: http://workietalkie.sourceforge.net

Few months ago, while we were coding together online using GTalk, we thought: "Hey, it would be cool if we could have chat window inside NetBeans so we don't have to switch from NetBeans to browser window, and back..." and that's how the project started. At the moment, it shows only GTalk friends but we are planning to include other chat clients, like Yahoo, or Facebook.

If you have any comments or suggestions, or you find some bug, please let us know: Support page 

Also if you find this project interesting, you are welcome to join us and contribute: Contact  

Workie Talkie project is created by Marjan Hrzić and Vedrana Gajić, who are the students at University of Belgrade, and the members of NetBeans User Group Serbia.

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