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Bielefeld University on the NetBeans Platform Again

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Yet another NetBeans Platform Certified Training took place recently, at Bielefeld University in Germany. It wasn't the first time that Bielefeld University hosted a NetBeans Platform training course, as can be read in a DZone article from 2010, entitled Bielefeld University on the NetBeans Platform.

Though the majority of the students in the class were confronted with the NetBeans Platform for the first time, some had attended the previous course, while others were very knowledgeable about the NetBeans Platform without ever having taken a course. For example, take a look at Samy Slaih's fluorescence microscopy analyzer:

Another example is Nils Hoffmann's metabolomic analyzer:

Here you see Nils during his "show and tell" session, i.e., each of the applications that had been created by students on the course were demoed by their authors. That is always very helpful because it shows new students what the NetBeans Platform can do in real life and it also enables some discussion around how various concepts introduced in the course apply to real applications:

And another application created at Bielefeld University is Konstantin Otte's proteomic analyzer:

Another student on the course, Lukas Jelonek, showed his genome annotation analyzer:

On the wall of the bioinformatics department, a poster describes what the above application does:

Here's part of the poster above, describing the NetBeans Platform's relevance to this application:

Clearly, a lot of advanced development is being done on the NetBeans Platform at Bielefeld University and so there have been some discussions about setting up a more advanced course in future for students at Bielefeld University. No more introductory sessions on Nodes and Explorer Views in future training courses there:

Finally, here's a pic of the class in action, with Aljoscha Rittner, NetBeans Dream Team member and course trainer, in the background:

Are you also interested in taking a free NetBeans Platform course at your educational institution? Read all the details here:


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