Campus Software Party with NetBeans in Colombia

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Campus Software Party with NetBeans in Colombia

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The Universidad Católica in Santiago de Cali in Colombia organized the first "Campus Software Party" for the purpose of getting students, professors, and developers together in a great party of knowledge and sharing of experiences with free software tools.

People from different places traveled to Cali, such as from Ibagüe, Pereira, and Bogota. They delivered presentations to the conference and showed interesting Java-based projects, among which we can mention the "BOWL language" and the "ONTOCONCEPT framework" for managing ontologies, totally developed in Java.

Focus on NetBeans

On Friday, June 3rd 2011, the main conference was on NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform. I presented work done in the NetBeans community and the advantages offered by NetBeans IDE for the development of any kind of application. Then, the core topic focused closely on knowledge of the NetBeans APIs and the NetBeans Platform. I showed two plugins, one for the development of classes in Java, based on a new persistence API, and the other for creating pages in Java Server Faces, based on the classes previously developed.

NetBeans as a Collaborative Development Tool

The participants of the conference are developing a collaborative relationship, so that they will learn about NetBeans, work as a community, write code, and perform tests. This will allow NetBeans to become an international collaborative development tool for learning and sharing experiences.

The Campus Software Party was a very important free software event for the NetBeans Platform.

Some pictures:

I appreciate the invitation to attend, many thanks to my friends from Cali.

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