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South African Freight Management on the NetBeans Platform

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CoreFreight is a fully functional "operations support system" for Freight Forwarders and Customs Clearing operators.

The system provides full forwarding functionality from production of necessary transport documents, e.g., airway bills, to invoicing clients, and managing profitability on a shipment-by-shipment basis.

Statutory documentation and EDI messages for customs clearing in the South African environment is also provided.

NetBeans Platform

There were a couple of reasons that made us decide to use the NetBeans Platform as the foundation of our new application. Firstly, the NetBeans Platform is built on Swing, so all those UI libraries that you’ve used in the past can still be reused. Things like user notifications, update management and the modularity that is inherent to the NetBeans Platform are all things that we would’ve had to spend time implementing (and debugging…).

Additionally, the support for Maven NetBeans Platform applications is just getting better and better. Initially there were a couple of things that were very difficult to do relative to the Ant build process. However, now there is very little that cannot be accomplished using the Maven build process for NetBeans Platform applications.

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