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Earth Observation & Monitoring on the NetBeans Platform

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Earth Observation & Monitoring on the NetBeans Platform

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At GRID-IT, our core business is earth observation and monitoring, in other words, we are focused on the geo-scientific business domain. The main reason for us to use the NetBeans Platform as the basis of our applications is the rapid development made possible via this application framework.

We as GRID-IT have four major applications based on NetBeans Platform: 

  • THEMIS is a tool for the documentation and management of construction sites, with a special focus on defect management:

  • GRID.traject is a scientific application that visualizes a numerical simulation model for rockfall and avalanche trajectories:

  • GRID.flightmanager is a tool for managing flight plans and analyzing the results of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) missions:

    This particular application is currently under development and will be released in a first version soon.

  • HQsim.GUI is a graphical user interface for the hydrological simulation model HQsim. This application is currently under development, we can't produce a screenshot on it at the moment.

In future articles, we will provide more information on each product and explain how we are leveraging the NetBeans Platform in each case.

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