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End-to-End Healthcare System on NetBeans

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End-to-End Healthcare System on NetBeans

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Kebok.com is a Pasadena-based company that provides IT services and develops healthcare management software for psychiatric hospitals. Our customers include hospitals in California, Arizona, and Illinois. The software development team at Kebok is currently using technologies such as Java EE and the NetBeans Platform to develop the up-and-coming version of its management software system.

The name of the application is "Aurora Information System" or "AIS" for short. AIS is an in-house application we are developing for Aurora Behavioral Health (hence the "Aurora" in the name), a group of 7 psychiatric hospitals, to manage patient records. The ultimate goal is to have AIS manage the entire lifecycle of a patient's episode; from registering the patient, verifying the patient's insurance benefit, documenting the medical diagnoses and procedures performed, to ultimately billing and collection. There are also requirements from the management level for AIS to provide analytical data for purposes such as staffing, marketing, and 3rd party contract negotiation.

AIS employs a client-server model where Java EE is used on the server side of the equation. The client side is where the NetBeans Platform comes in. In our client, we define a set of entities (e.g., patient, doctor, insurance, diagnosis, charge) and operations (e.g., look up patients, assign a doctor, generate bills) as the core, i.e., essentially a set of SPIs. Then we separate business functions into individual NetBeans modules roughly along the departmental boundaries, where each module provides implementations for some of the core SPIs. Communication between modules is done mostly by the NetBeans Lookup API.

The UI for showing a patient's information:

The UI for managing insurance authorizations:

The UI for basic medical record documentation:

The use of the NetBeans Options Windows API for managing master definitions:

We are extremely happy with our choice of the NetBeans Platform as the underlying application framework for building the client user interface.

Currently this project is still under development. We are aiming it to go into production within the next 6 months, at that time it will replace a PHP,  browser-based, system which was also developed by us.


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