Energy Consumption Management on the NetBeans Platform

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Energy Consumption Management on the NetBeans Platform

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I'm Christian Stolz, software developer at Janitza Electronics in Germany. We develop and produce devices that measure voltage and power relevant values, starting from devices that merely collect energy consumption up to devices for power quality analysis.

Since version 2.0 of GridVis, which is the name of our software package, we are based on the NetBeans Platform. The software is used to configure devices, to store device data in a database, and to give the user easy access to devices:



NetBeans Platform

We started out with a normal Swing application with a self-made plugin mechanism. When the projects managed by our software started getting bigger, we needed a more flexible user interface. Writing one ourselves was never a serious option because we are only a small team and need to focus on new features beyond mere user interface changes. So, we decided to use a platform for that.

Since we were developing the GridVis software in NetBeans IDE, while making extensive use of Swing, we decided to use the NetBeans Platform. As a side effect, it is now possible to receive code contributions in the form of modules contributed by other parts of our company and in future, after some work on documentation, maybe from our customers too.



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