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Human Motion Analysis on the NetBeans Platform

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My name is Oliver Rettig and I am a scientist in the area of motion analysis. I am also a software developer managing a small company for the development of scientific and other rare & knowledge-intensive rich-client platform applications based on the NetBeans Platform.


In 1998, I started my first commercial software projects in Java, mostly based on the Tomcat server. In 2004 I published my exeriences in a book, Tomcat 5, available in German, published by Galileo Computing.

Some years ago, my interests changed to rich-client development. With the growth in popularity of the NetBeans Platform, I felt the time was right to create the software applications I had always wanted to have for my research field of motion analysis.

The Nimue Platform is the result of this work. It is a set of modules for creating applications for motion analysis, including many mathematical algorithms for 3D analyses, graphical components for visualisation, and utilities for modeling the workflow of measurements and analyses. It is focused on the easy integration of arbitrary measurement hardware and file formats.


"Upperlimb" is an application developed for the motion lab at the University of Heidelberg. It is focused on upper extremity motion analysis, based on measurement data collected from the marker based Vicon measurement system.

The application includes advanced algorithms for joint center estimation of the upper extremities, based on functional trials. The results of the data processing can be visualized as 3D stick figure motion and time series plots.

It is the first Nimue-based application, integrating a motion analysis data mining tool to collect frame based parameters from the time series:

"CMTGait" is an application also developed for the motion lab at the University of Heidelberg. It controls the Xsens measurement system to use it as simple to use lower body gait analysis system:

The "Suregait" application is part of an easy-to-use full body gait analysis system based on independent bluetooth-controlled intertial sensors, which are developed by a company in Iceland. The development of hardware and software, as well as the research parts of this project, were financially supported by the European Community. It is planned to come out in 2011, with a commercial product on the market.


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