Ingenico & RS232 Application Station on the NetBeans Platform

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Ingenico & RS232 Application Station on the NetBeans Platform

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My name is Sam Sepassi. I work as Java developer and have been programming for several years in Tehran, Iran. I love to learn and work with new technologies. My interests are enterprise systems, agent-based systems, distributed computing, SOA/module based programming approaches, and artificial intelligence.

I have been working on an application named "Application Station" for the last couple of months, as an employee of Infotech International, the official Ingenico partner in Iran. Infotech International is going to market Application Station to its customers because the application's job is to provide several RS232 ports for Ingenico and its point of sales terminals to connect to the application and to provide them with software and configuration files. It installs the terminal's application and provides a very comprehensive reporting system implemented in JPA.

It provides for very common operations in the banking terminal maintenance market. The application acts as maintenance software, used by back office users. Its usages range from terminal deployment to backup and maintenance operations. The application station provides a fast, secure, and easy way of performing time consuming operations done by native and legacy terminal management servers. This saves time and money for the companies that provide terminal deployment and maintenance services.

The software’s main features:

  • Gathers information about the connected terminal.
  • Installs banking and system applications, fonts, and OS on the terminal.
  • Updates or downgrades the terminal’s OS.
  • Downloads and uploads any data file to and from terminals.
  • Performs maintenance tasks (remove applications, change and remove files).
  • Strong logging and reporting capability that logs and saves system and terminal operational information. 
  • Update feature to change the application on the fly.
  • Provides higher speed connections to terminals in comparison to previous versions.
  • Automatically identify available COM ports on the system.
  • Rich client interface.

The application station is at the final stage of developments now. I should say that I am totally impressed by the magic and power of the NetBeans Platform!


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