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javscazGChat: Work & Talk with Friends on Google Thanks to NetBeans

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A month ago, Dream Team member Aristides Villarreal Bravo sent around a link to a plugin he developed with Geertjan.

I was proud and very excited to have opportunity to do a friendly test of the plugin, JavscazGChat. I found it very useful. It allowed me to chat with some friends  (Horacio from Togo JUG) and  Max Bonbhel (the famous president of JUG Africa) when coding a project. 

Despite its usefulness, this tool is needs refining, the UI is not attractive enough, and there are some problems with accessibility.  Also, there are somes bugs I found and submitted to Aristides; he promised to correct  them as soon as possible.

I suggest to all NetBeans fans to try JavscazGChat today!

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