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Mercur Business Control 7 on the NetBeans Platform

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Mercur Business Control 7 is a multi-user application to efficiently analyze, process, and record large amounts of multidimensional data for an entire organization. The system includes functions for importing data from other data sources and there are user-friendly input forms to allow a large number of users to manually enter values such as budget and forecast. The data is presented in reports, which are powerful yet simple to create and also allows the user to dynamically analyze data directly in the report, for example through so-called "Drill Down".

The following head functions are included in the system:

  • Reports
  • Input Forms
  • Work Process Control
  • Processing and Simulation
  • Report Construction
  • System Management
  • Integration

All functions are combined in a single application with a single unified interface on the NetBeans Platform:

The system supports authorization controlling, which ensure that each user only can see their parts.

Mercur Business Control 7 handles with ease many different data sets in a single solution - such as financial data, personnel, project and sales data, and data for investment and activities. Thanks to its unique flexible structure, the system can easily and without consulting support be adapted to new and changing requirements even after the implementation.

Reasons for choosing Mercur Business Control 7:

  • Fully integrated. A complete solution with all features - including management and integration - in a single interface.
  • Flexible. Grows easily with the task over time. Regardless of the platform and source systems.
  • User friendly. Reports and forms are created, for example, in a natural way, without programming.
  • Scalable. Manage large and diverse data sets with many concurrent users.
  • Predictable costs. Consultant Independent management and operations.

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