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NB PoWeR: a repository of ready-to-use NetBeans Platform Wrapper libraries

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NB PoWeR: a repository of ready-to-use NetBeans Platform Wrapper libraries

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This is a very short post and it's mainly aimed in getting feedbacks from the NetBeans Platform Community. As part of a bigger move in refactoring my projects and having my code more easily reusable by others, I've created an *experimental* project, named the NetBeans Platform Wrapper Repository. As the name says, it's a (Maven) repository of pre-made wrappers for some common open source libraries around. It's experimental because it's primarily serving my own needs, but we could even create an officialy resource backed by the community. On that purpose, feedback is required since there is a lot of details to fix, and they depend on how people work with the Platform.

The project is hosted here: http://kenai.com/projects/nbpwr/ - I'm preparing a screencast to demonstrate how I'm using it, but it won't be ready before next week since I'm now focused on a talk at next saturday's JavaDay in Verona.

But let's talk of it? Do you think it would be useful? Would you use it in your projects, once it is completed? How do you use wrapper libraries in your project?

PS The thing is now focused on Maven, because it's one of the easiest ways to share artifacts, but can be used as well from Ant, by manually downloading .nbm files or even using Ivy.

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